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WHY does the Delaire website use old photos of the golf courses from before the renovation?  There are 1 or 2 new images, but I believe 95% or more are pre-renovation.  The courses opened 7-8 months ago. Are we too embarrassed to show the results? 


WHY do we continue to put down pine hay, which now has weeds coming up through it?  Didn't anyone learn anything since the first or second application of this unsightly substitute for grass? What a nightmare!


WHY is the transition from the concrete cart path to the bridge, after leaving Lakes #1 tee such a jarring experience?  Since this was just "repaired" a week ago, WHY should it be this way?  It's potentially damaging to the carts and rattles your teeth.  WHY does the cart path from #8 Hills green to #9 tee remain in such a poor state.  Since opening last November, this particular stretch of coquina remains bumpy with indentations that fill up with water, which are unsightly, uncomfortable and potentially damaging.

WHY didn't someone from Delaire or the architect's office check with the Lake Worth Drainage District before commencing construction?  It's been implied that LWDD is somehow responsible for us incurring several hundred thousand dollars worth of additional costs.  See Karpel's letter of 8/1/16 which we have highlighted. LWDD has an entire section on their website concerning encroachments and Delaire used a survey that clearly shows the club's then existing encroachments.  The same encroachments are easily viewed at the Appraiser's website.  View the maps by clicking here.  Zoom out to view clearly. Click here for a PDF screen capture.   Why are we now having to pay for what appears to be an apparent failure on someone's part?  Who was responsible for this?  Shouldn't they pay?  Was it the architect?  Was it one of Delaire's governors?  Click here for our expanded story.  


WHY is our driving range in such poor condition?


WHY did Brecker have to file suit to recover his attorney fees for documents Delaire could have easily turned over?  Apparently, leadership thinks it's better to spend thousands of dollars of members' money rather than cooperate with a request that is legal and cannot be refused?  Click here to read the Small Claims filing.   Guess they can't resist "poking the bear."  Click here for the Notice to Appear.


WHY did Delaire force Brecker to hire an attorney to get the financial information that he asked for?  As an equity member, he was entitled to it.  After 51 days and under threat of a lawsuit, Delaire finally sent heavily redacted invoices.  What does the Board have to hide?  Brecker has now demanded reimbursement of $3050 and has threatened legal action if Delaire fails to pay.  Read the demand letter here.  


WHY do we pay $220 per month as Supplemental Dues "in lieu of tipping"?  Does this money really go to employees as gratuities?  If not, why imply that it does?  Why not tell us where the money really goes?  Based on 350 members, this works out to $924,000 per year.  How much is really paid as gratuities/bonuses to employees?

WHY are we  seeing this statement from Steve Salzman at the 4/21 board meeting? "Work will be focused on the summer schedule and course enhancements (plantings, breaking up
large pine straw areas, more grass). Course improvements such as adding bunkers and other changes will be addressed in future years."
 After just spending 6-7 million bucks and closing the courses for 9 months, this must be a joke.  Didn't we just remove many bunkers?
 WHY no mention of the scummy lakes?  Now we are going to go from pine hay to grass.  Whose ideas are these and who were the people who decided on pine hay and bunker removal to begin with?


WHY haven’t the old yardages on the sprinkler heads been corrected to show the new yardages?   


WHY is the cart path next to Lakes #1 tee so narrow that two carts cannot pass?  This is a main artery that many members use to go back and forth to  the club.

WHY haven’t new election procedures, as detailed in this Curt Karpel email, been communicated to the membership?  WHY haven’t they been incorporated in the By-laws?  WHY is such a big departure from past practices been kept under wraps?  Is this for real?


Why were we told the following in January 2016, just before the vote on the course renovation, ??

"Lakes - Most of the lakes will be dewatered, dredged and then refilled. The lake banks will be sloped to meet current Palm Beach County codes. Once the lakes are done, actions will be taken to ensure their continued maintenance. Those that attended the meeting heard from a lake maintenance expert and we intend to implement his recommendations."  "The Good Life, January, 2016"

They only did 5 out of 14 lakes.  The other 9 appear just like they did before the renovation.

Why did it take almost 6 months after opening the courses before there signs to direct guests and new members? On March 22nd, Delaire hosted the Ladies Challenge Cup with competitors from other area clubs. We used handwritten paper signs.  Very classy.  Why?

Why, at the annual meeting on March 12th, would Mark Zucker publicly attribute the large increase in legal expenses for 2015 & 2016 to Manny Brecker?  Why would you "poke the bear" when you just settled his lawsuit?  Why not just state that the increases were due to one off issues that have now been resolved?  Mr. Brecker has asked for the invoices that support such a statement, but so far they have not been furnished.  Why not?

Why was so much pine hay used on the golf course?  The original hay has been blown to the four winds or washed away.  It appears that they are replacing it with more pine hay and some areas are getting mulch.  Maybe they are experimenting to see which lasts longer.  At this rate, it’s going to have to be replaced every 4 – 5 months.  Why not some good old fashioned grass?  The hay started to deteriorate and dissipate almost immediately.  Why did we wait until it became almost bare ground before moving to address the problem?  Why doesn’t Delaire get that “maintenance” is the process of preserving a condition or situation, not waiting for it to turn to such a sad state.  Why bother to renovate if you are not going to maintain?

Why do rakes seem to be in such short supply at our bunkers?  Now, we are seeing the return of those toy-like rakes that are about 12 inches wide with a 4 foot handle.  Why can’t Delaire have decent rakes in adequate numbers?  What do other Platinum Clubs do?  

WHY was it that Garmin GPS range finders didn't work until 5 ½ months after the course was opened?  WHY weren’t Garmin and other providers notified sooner?  What other devices are still not functional?

WHY bother painting the bridge at Lakes #1 tee?  The paint started wearing away immediately and now is essentially gone on the bridge surface.

Maybe you have a question or two that you’d like answered.  Email your questions to delagov@aol.com.  I’ll be happy to post them.

Delaire Country Club in Delray Beach, Florida was designed with 326 building lots and 27 holes of golf, designed by Joe Lee.  His trademark is dramatically raised tees and beautifully shaped greens. The club sits on 340 acres and in 2011 a totally new $21MM clubhouse was constructed.  The new clubhouse is spacious and beautiful.  Pass through the gates and the Joe Lee designed championship golf course ushers you through residences at once impeccable and impressive.  Arrive at the clubhouse and you are greeted warmly by the friendly staff and always sociable membership. It’s leisurely luxury at its very best. The expanded clubhouse is now 47,000 square feet.  Recent renovations at Delaire include the new entrance, gatehouse, Fitness and Tennis Center.  The Tennis Center has 2 teaching pros, 8 manicured Har-Tru tennis courts with 2 lighted, complimentary computerized ball machine and arranged game service.  New pool area and new children's play area.  Step up to the tees any time, no waiting to play.  “Walk on golf – no tee times.”  Family members can play.  Mandatory dues and fees.  All three Delaire Country Club golf courses were just reopened in late 2016 after an extensive 4.5 million dollar renovation. Delaire Country Club 4645 White Cedar Ln, Delray Beach, FL 33445.  Delaire homes and real estate for sale compare favorably to Addison Reserve, Mizner, Gleneagles, Polo Club, Bocaire, Boca West and other Delray Beach and Boca Raton Country Clubs.


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