Roadwork qUESTIONS

On May 16th, the POA has been pressured into holding a Town Hall meeting after Delaire Governance told people to VOTE NO unless further information was provided.  Below is a list of questions you should ask when you attend the meeting at 4:30 PM in the Men's Card Room on Wednesday, May 16th.


What are the trade offs in initial dollar outlay and expected life of 1.5" versus 1” milling & overlay?


Which is cheaper on an annual basis over the expected lifetime of the asphalt?

What are you going to do about the rust issue?  This is an ongoing issue in the community and on any given day, you can find multiple rust stains on every street.  When is the last time you fined someone for failing to keep the pavement on and adjacent to their homes free from rust?  They say they address this issue constantly.  However it's been addressed, it has not been effective.


No one knows what the parameters of the engineering study were, but even though they made recommendations, the POA just started whacking them when you thought it was too much money?  Wouldn’t some of the slashed items actually extend the life and viability of the pavement?  Why wouldn't you have posted that info on the internet?

Why are you holding a Town Hall now, after the ballots have been mailed?  Wouldn't it have been wiser to seek input and answer questions before you surreptitiously make a major decision that affects everyone at Delaire? 


Why did you change the MONTHLY POA meeting from May 14 to April 30th?  It was still on the club calendar as May 14th more than a week after the meeting.


What is the result of the study that was done on our underground drainage system?  We understand that was completed on April 23?  How much are those repairs & replacements going to cost?


Why won’t you notify members by email a week before you are going to have a meeting?

Why are you holding the meeting after season is over and many members have already headed north?  We suggest it's to limit questions & discussion.

Why are you holding the meeting at such a late hour?  We suggest it's to limit questions & discussion.  This whole process has been backwards.


Who is inspecting the election?  What type of election is this?  What authorizes you to accept ballots by fax & email?


Here we go with another half assed, cheapo project

at Delaire with inexperienced people overriding the recommendations of the experts they hired.



Demand Good Governance

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