After Delaire Governance pointed out the inanity of the Town Hall Meeting schedules and the lack of advance information, our website was flooded in record numbers by members seeking more information.  Apparently, they must have agreed with us and asked the "Delaire Brain Trust" to make changes regarding the meetings schedule and lack of advance information.  Within a couple of days after publication, the Inner Circle has relented and agreed to make the advance information available at the end of this week.  They have also added an additional Town Hall meeting to accommodate those who are not able to attend the first.  Delaire Governance applauds their flexibility.  You can read their letter here.

Now, you should ask for advance information about the Town Hall scheduled for November 12th, concerning the financing of the unauthorized "Beautification Project".  Click here to refresh your memory as to the issues and questions that need answering. 

There is no end to what can be accomplished if our members become involved and ask questions and demand answers.  We want and deserve real answers, not the kind of hoopla we were served up at the Town Hall meeting with the straw votes and guys running around with microphones like Monty Hall.  You've seen what came out of that and it hasn't been pretty.  Continue to press our Board for the truth.  A little honesty can go a long way.


Demand Good Governance

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