The Delaire Brain Trust Strikes Again

They reschedule one "important" meeting from October 22nd to November 12th to accommodate members and then call an additional "important" meeting on October 22nd.  Read below to see which is MORE important. 


In order to understand the absurdity of the way things happen at Delaire, we offer the below article from the Delaire By-Laws.  Note carefully the imposed limits.


Article VI G. Make expenditures for capital projects out of funds designated on the balance sheet as“Reserve for Capital Improvements and Debt Service” limited as follows: Subject to sub-paragraph (1) below, not in excess of $50,000 for any single project and not in excess of $200,000 in the aggregate in any fiscal year for all projects unless either or both of such expenditures are approved by a written consent executed by a majority of the members voting, or by resolution adopted at a meeting of the Club membership by a vote of the majority members voting, either in person or by mail ballot such meeting shall be duly called upon written notice, specifying the nature and amount of the proposed expenditure.


Several weeks ago, we all received a letter from Curt Karpel telling us about an “important” Town Hall Meeting on October 22, 2017 to discuss how to pay for the $400K “beautification” project, which has never been approved by members.  According to our bylaws, all capital projects in excess of $50K, individually and $200K in the aggregate during a year require member approval.  In fairly short order thereafter, we received another notice which stated that there were many requests from members who were not yet going to be here that this important meeting would be postponed until November 12th.


Now on October 6th, we received another notice from our esteemed leader that there will be an additional “important” Town Hall meeting on October 22nd.  This one will be to discuss proposed revisions to the Club’s By-Laws.  An hour or so later, we received further explanation in a message from the By-Laws Revision Committee.  Maybe this one is less important which allows us to ignore those members who wanted to be here for the financing discussion.  What really is amazing about all this is that the By-Laws are often ignored anyway and interpreted in the most liberal manner in order to accommodate the whims of the Board and Grievance Committee.  The By-Laws are a moving target at Delaire and it seems there is always some committee working on another revision. 



It turns out that neither is really important since the money has already been spent on an unapproved project and the By-Laws are a convenience to be observed if they don't interfere with the Board's wishes.

Maybe we should schedule a Town Hall Meeting to find out why we even have By-Laws, when they are often ignored or manipulated to serve the needs of a Board which seems to operate in a manner that says:



Demand Good Governance

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