Since the project cost of 472K exceeds the 50K per project/200K annual aggregate limit for capital projects, the Board had no authority to move forward on this project or any assessment.  Shouldn’t it have been approved before work commenced?  Why did the Board proceed with this project without a vote of the members?  Do not pay this assessment.

November 14, 2017 - Read Brecker's demand for the vote tally on the "beautification project", for which they now want to assess you.  Also read his report about the Special Meeting at which we were informed of at least two assessments totaling about $1600 and also increased dues for next year

Town Hall Meeting 

Meeting Date Changed to November 12, 2017


At Delaire Governance, we believe an informed membership is necessary to make rational decisions.  In the past we have had to listen to rushed presentations and asked to accept what the Board tells us as truth, wisdom and thorough planning.  What we have seen during the golf course renovation does not reflect any of the foregoing.  In fact, it demonstrates quite the opposite.  We believe that you are entitled to know the answers to the below items so that you can ask intelligent questions and form a reasoned opinion.  Given their past inconsistencies, only you can determine whether or not they are being forthright.


Below is an email sent to our leaders asking them to give you all the necessary facts well before you walk into their dog & pony show.   Click here for a synopsis of what you've been told so far.  


From: Delaire Governance 9/29/2017


Dear Sirs:


We are asking you to send out a communication to the membership that will allow them the opportunity to study in advance the proposals you intend to discuss at the Town Hall Meeting on October 22nd.  We believe this should be done no less than one week prior, in order for them to study the issue.  In the meeting notification that was sent, we were told the only item to discuss was how to finance the project.  We believe the item can’t be intelligently debated without the answers to many other questions.  Some of the items that should be addressed follow below:


Since the project cost of 407K exceeds the 200K limit for capital projects, when will a vote be held for members to approve the project?  Shouldn’t it have been approved before work commenced?  Why did the Board proceed with this project without a vote of the members?


What happens if members don’t approve the project?


What are the options the Board will propose on October 22nd?  People should have an opportunity to absorb the options and come with intelligent questions.


What is the impact of the different proposals?  How can you continue to add debt?  You are just kicking the can down the road.  Resident members pay further when we try to sell a home.  Prospective buyers demand discounts to insulate themselves from the massive debt burden already in place.


Will the Board members personally pay for this project if the vote to approve the project fails?  They have no right to burden the members with additional costs for unapproved capital projects.


In the consultant reports that we received recently, we were told that we lacked adequate manpower and equipment to properly maintain the golf course.  How much dollar impact will this have on future maintenance budgets and isn’t it inevitable that dues will have to increase to attain the staffing and equipment needs pointed out by the consultants? People should not have to decide paying for the beautification of the beautification without knowing about future anticipated cost increases.


Please provide all members with a detailed financial statement as of 9/30/17.


Please provide a statement of the now outstanding debt and the repayment schedule as it now stands.


We are against adding any more debt and suggest that if the capital project is approved, it should be anoperating assessment and hit all members, Resident and Non-resident.


While the prospect of no assessment may seem attractive, it becomes a huge anchor when someone is trying to sell a home.  Newcomers do not want to be burdened with debt for the next 15 or 20 years.  One Delaire real estate agent just reported that houses in Delaire are selling at an average 27% discount to their asking price.


We believe members must have all this information before engaging in any discussion.  We believe it is also paramount that members approve the project prior to voting to approve any funds for the project.  The fact that the Board has acted irresponsibly and perhaps illegally by proceeding without approval doesn’t make that vote moot.


Please let me know if you are willing to provide the above to the members.  Thank you very much.





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