"Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus" is a Latin phrase meaning "false in one thing, false in everything".  At common law, it is the legal principle that a witness who testifies falsely about one matter is not credible to testify about any matter.

Here we go again!  We just received another letter from our Board President, Curt Karpel, telling us about our “ongoing beautification program”.  The problem we have with these letters from any of our officials is that it is hard to know when they are telling the truth.  Before the vote to renovate was ever taken, we were misled.  Karpel has admitted that in his letter of May 30th and as detailed in our “Urgent Bulletin” of the same date.  In that same letter of May 30th, he continues the prevarications with this statement: “detailed hole-by-hole plan that was approved by the Green Committee and the Board, working in conjunction with our superintendent, Travis McCoy, and our landscape designers.”  Some members asked to see the “detailed hole-by-hole plan”.  After stalling for 3 weeks, he finally admitted in his June 23rd letter that there was no written plan for the beautification project”.  In his latest letter of July 21st, he states that “certain work will be done to that course for the beautification project”.  Now there’s a really specific term – “certain work”.  Maybe it’s from the non-existent “detailed hole-by-hole plan”. 


Here are some other questions you might want to ask yourselves or better yet, Curt Karpel, Trent Squire, and Steve Salzman.  Email these guys and tell them what you think.


Has anyone seen that boat that we were going to buy to alleviate the still ongoing algae problem that we have?

What happened to their commitment to dredge the lakes and take care of the algae problem?  Was this just one more empty promise?


Do we even have a contract with an aquatics company now?  If so, demand publication in the member area of the Delaire website to show members what’s covered and how the new agreement will be any different.  How do we even have any faith there is a contract when these photos  and this video show evidence to the contrary? 

If pine straw is going to be your means of beautifying the course, why is that year round residents and members are left to look at bare ground and weeds until October, not only when on the course, but when viewed from their homes?

Do our golf course renovators somehow think the wind doesn’t blow and the rains don’t come in the winter and spring?  Might that not be an indication that pine straw is not the best choice for these large expanses?


Shouldn’t the golf course look nice all year round?
36,000 square feet sounds like a lot of sod, but it’s less than an acre, which contains 43,560 SF.  That is unlikely to make much of a difference on a golf course that contains 133 acres or 5,793,480 SF.  That’s almost 5.8 MILLION SQUARE FEET.  Does that eliminate the pine straw?


Why don’t we hear anything about Kipp Schulties and his responsibility for the terrible result after all the funds spent on his fees?


Where did Schulties’ responsibility begin and end?  Is he proud of this result?  What are his solutions for these issues?


Are Steve Salzman, Curt Karpel and Trent Squire in any way qualified to continue to oversee the corrections necessary to salvage this failed renovation?  Why are they still in the picture?


Demand Good Governance

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