Yesterday, 8/18, Delaire members received this "beautification to the beautification of the renovation" update letter, in which we hear more about delays in the delivery of sod.  Since we were thinking about visiting Disney World, we thought we'd check the weather in Orlando.  Turns out, you can run a report that gives you the weather history there.  We were curious to see just how much rain they have had in Orlando.  This report indicates that from August 1st through the 18th, they have had less than an inch of rain.  Now maybe that sod farm is in an area that got one of those isolated storms that inundated their fields.  It can happen in Florida.  Yeah, that's probably it.  Then we wondered if there are any sod farms in Palm Beach County.  Indeed there are several, including this guy, TJ Turf Farm right here in Delray Beach.  We also found another guy in Boynton Beach, that Delaire used as a supplier on the initial renovation.  It appears that there was a little dispute over some unpaid funds and he filed a lien against Delaire in an attempt to collect his long overdue funds.  Here's a copy of the lien.  Our guess is that he may no longer have any interest in doing business with Delaire.  It's possible also that Delaire was not satisfied with some aspect of the fulfillment of the contract.  Sure, that's a possibility.  In any event, who knew it was so difficult to get sod.  You would just think there is a quality supplier closer than Orlando who maybe hasn't had so much heavy rain.  


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