2/3/17 - 2/3/20

The POA wants to start a campaign against speeders and other scofflaws. For the past 3 years, we can find no evidence that speeding was involved in any of the accidents reported to Police.  Of the 9 reported incidents, 2 involved golf carts, with both cart drivers cited.  A couple involved carelessness.  A couple involved delivery/work vehicles & parked cars.  A couple were reported Hit & Runs, with no witnesses and indeterminate findings. 


We wonder why Security Czar Andy Lazar is so bound and determined to institute high fines & harsh collection measures for a problem that doesn't seem to exist.  To the extent that it may exist, the evidence indicates that there have been no accidents, injuries or other consequences due to the alleged speeding.  How is it that Lazar intends to stop the claimed speeding and what evidence will he produce to convict the purported speeders?  The 9 reported incidents are below for your perusal.  Click on the PDFs.


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