Sing Your Own Praises

At the POA Annual Membership Meeting on 3/11, President Cathy Cutler was blowing her own horn about what a great job she did getting the city to clean up the hurricane debris last September.  While ultimately, the debris was cleaned up by FEMA & the City, that was not her first reaction.  Her first move was to tell homeowners they were responsible for removing the detritus and they better hop to it.  You can refresh your memory by reading POA Miscue - What a Stunning ReversalAfter receiving a letter from our founder, Manny Brecker, she changed her tune. 




You are about to find out if the road resurface program passes.  If you live towards the end of Live Oak or on Red Maple, can you afford the extra time it will take for emergency vehicles to reach you?



Conflicts of Interest Everywhere

At the POA Board Meeting on 3/12, Bernie Dayan was elected President.  He asked Cathy Cutler to continue serving as the Chair of the Architectural Review Committee.  Also on the ARC are Art Newman and Phil Smith. 

Bernie Dayan, who oversees the ARC is a business partner of Ron Ellish, who in turn has partnerships in Delaire with Howard Castleman & Charles Mishner.  Charles MIshner is President of Howard Torn Construction, which is a home builder.  Castleman is a member of Delaire and it's not clear whether he is a resident member or a non-resident.  We have asked the question and are still waiting for an answer.  Cathy Cutler is the wife of Steve Salzman, who is or has been employed by Howard Castleman.  Art Newman was part of the botched course renovation along with Ron Ellish and Steve Salzman.  We have already reported on most of these relationships and at the very least, the appearance of impropriety.  You can read about that here.  In any other enterprise, this type of arrangement would not be permitted.  Why here?  I suppose that's the Delaire Way.


Storm Drains Need Replacement???

On January 20, 2018, we posted an article from the Lake Worth Drainage District, which spoke to underground storm drains.  At 32:05 of the video of the Delaire POA meeting on 3/12, they raise the issue of a video inspection to determine the soundness of our storm drainage system.  Apparently Brian Bowles has noticed several compromised pipes which empty into the canals.  This has never been done before at Delaire.  Here is what we posted on January 20th. 

January 20, 2018 - Is there a multi-million $$$$$ assessment on the Delaire horizon?  Read about the aging infrastructure that lies beneath us and could cost millions to repair and upgrade.  Prepare yourself.



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