2/19/2019 - Update to "WHERE'S THE MONEY POA?" story of October 13, 2018

Since last Spring when the POA was pushing residents to vote for the new roads project, we have been asking the question of how much it was going to cost to fix the drainage pipes which we pointed out here https://www.delairegovernance.com/lwdd2.  We now know that the POA withheld this information from voters in order to get the roads done.  They also stated there would not be any additional assessments needed.  The inspection was completed on April 25th and at that time the POA knew there would be at least several hundred thousand dollars of work necessary, and other likely expensive issues that would not be evident until the project was underway and they could determine the full scope of the damage.  Click to read a copy of the report from the contractor.  The pricing is on the last page of this document.  Given the age of the pipes, we stand by our original assessment of $1,000,000 plus before it's all said and done.  Read: "Can We Afford Another MILLION $$$ Assessment?"  They keep dripping out information, but so far have not acted, determined a "worst case" cost, nor figured out how to pay for it.  Our best guess is another assessment is on the horizon.  They are also talking about borrowing the money.  This matter of drainage was not even on their radar until we pointed it out in our article last January.  Over a year later, we seem only to have a partial price and nobody seems willing to pull the trigger on the project.  Come on POA, be honest and forthright.  Do your job.  Stop worrying about speed bumps, dogs who poop big and houses that don't light their exterior at night.  Deal with the big issues that may become even more expensive if not resolved in a timely manner.



What Did They Know?  When Did They Know It?

November 12, 2018 - On May 24, in a communication seeking votes for the roads project, the POA Board stated forcefully "NO ADDITIONAL ASSESSMENTS".  Read the email.


The Mandatory Members (Residents) will be subjected to a $600 annual increase in their HOA assessment.  This is to cover runaway expenses and items not budgeted in the reserves, such as the drainage we warned about earlier this year.  It was shortly after our piece on drainage, that they announced they were having it inspected.  It had never been done before and they probably didn’t even know they were responsible for it. https://www.delairegovernance.com/lwdd2.

Watch the video of the POA Board meeting of 11/12/18


Storm Drains Need Replacement???

On January 20, 2018, we posted an article from the Lake Worth Drainage District, which spoke to underground storm drains.  At 32:05 of the video of the Delaire POA meeting on 3/12, they raise the issue of a video inspection to determine the soundness of our storm drainage system.  Apparently Brian Bowles has noticed several compromised pipes which empty into the canals.  This has never been done before at Delaire.  Here is what we posted on January 20th. 


January 20, 2018 - Is there a multi-million $$$$$ assessment on the Delaire horizon?  Read about the aging infrastructure that lies beneath us and could cost millions to repair and upgrade.  Prepare yourself.


We also asked the below question in an article written in Early May.  https://www.delairegovernance.com/town-hall-4

What is the result of the study that was done on our underground drainage system?  We understand that was completed on April 23?  How much are those repairs & replacements going to cost?


How many of you think the POA knew big bucks were needed for drainage, but they didn’t want to mention it before the vote on the road resurface project?


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