February 12, 2020


Dear Fellow Equity Members of Delaire Country Club:


We believe that there may be a better way to do things at Delaire and we would like the Board to investigate the possibilities.  To that end, we have had our attorneys prepare a Petition asking the Board to solicit evaluations from golf management companies and have them report at a Special Meeting of the members.  We need to get signatures from more than 15% of those members eligible to vote.  We believe that all of us want to see Delaire run in the most efficacious manner possible and feel it’s only prudent to listen to what experts in the field have to say.


We urge all of you to sign the petition and return it to us.  We have provided a phone number and email addresses on the petition at which you can notify us you have signed, and we will be happy to pick up the petition.  You can also just simply mail it to the indicated address.


The PDF petition can be downloaded and printed by clicking here.


If you need any help, have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us at delagov@aol.com or the points of contact on the petition.


We are grateful for your support and hope that you will join us in seeking the information which we feel certain will lead to lower costs and an improved experience at Delaire.  We implore you to ask your friends & neighbors to sign also.  Thank you so much for your consideration.


Delaire Governance


Demand Good Governance

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