Unless otherwise indicated, these items were taken from the minutes of the 1/26/18 Board meeting.


POA President Cathy Cutler-Salzman reported that permits for the roadwork are forthcoming.

How could permits be forthcoming when we haven’t even voted on it yet?  They stated in some earlier memo that the members would have to approve this.  I hear it is going to cost about $900,000, which will deplete our reserves.  In 2016, they spent almost $300,000 for capital improvements that were never approved by members.  Here we go again.


President Curt Karpel reported the following:

1. Twenty three homes (6 to builders, 15 to new members, 2 to existing members) were sold in 2017. Two homes are currently under contract. 

We will be updating comparative sales numbers against other clubs once the auditor has finished 2017 recordings.


Treasurer Mark Zucker reported that for the month of December, the Club had an operating deficit of $97,043 as compared to a budgeted deficit of $13,609 for a negative monthly variance to budget of $83,434. At year-end, the Club had an operating deficit of $35,052, which includes the operating assessment of $559,970. The four major contributors to the Club’s year-end negative variance to budget were: golf course maintenance and hurricane clean-up ($499,359);legal expenses ($79,324); HVAC and refrigeration repairs ($50,047); and increased energy costs,($14,954).


6/30/17 CC Board Meeting-House & Property Committee Chair Art Newman noted that a ceiling leak was identified following the recent heavy rains. Further investigation of the roof revealed some cracking in the parapet wall. Architect review prompted a visit from Kaufman & Lynn; an inherent defect claim will be pursued with the builder.

Whatever was done about that parapet?


On February 3, we received from our golf staff the below message:

Please be advised that the bag drop area at the club house will be closed beginning Tuesday February 6th through Friday February 9th. Equipment to repair the roof of the club house will be stationed in this area during these dates. Anyone having golf guests or playing themselves that need assistance with their golf bags please call the starter phone at 561-637-3470 to have a players assistant come to the parking lot to help. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


House & Property Committee Chair Art Newman noted that the committee met January 24.  The HVAC unit in the ladies locker room continues to be addressed. Golf course restroom faucets have been replaced with stainless steel to prevent pitting.

Cracked parapet, HVAC & refrigeration repairs, ongoing AC issues in ladies locker room, 4 days worth of roof repair.  Sounds like our new clubhouse is showing its age or perhaps it wasn't constructed as well as we've been led to believe.  Which of our esteemed members led that project?





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