By now, you have probably read Karpel's latest email admitting there

never was any "detailed hole by hole" plan.  The following statement

comes directly from his letter of May 30th:

The summer beautification project will address these issues with a

detailed hole-by-hole plan that was approved by the Green

Committee and the Board, working in conjunction with our

superintendent, Travis McCoy, and our landscape designers.

Delaire Governance asked him to post the plan on the Delaire website

weeks ago.  Then we sent a letter asking for a copy of the plan, since

he failed to post it.  Now he admits, there never was a plan.  The below

is from his letter of June 23rd:

Let me start by telling you that there was no written plan for the

beautification project prepared by our superintendent, our

landscape architect, Buzz Lajaski, and our landscaper, Max Garcia,

of M&P Landscaping.

How can you have a detailed hole by hole plan approved by the board and the Green Committee when there was no plan and apparently none exists even now.  How can the Green Committee and the Board sit silent for over 3 weeks, knowing that there was no such plan as described in the letter of May 30th?  


Now they have cobbled together some sort of budget with a few notes that they expect will suffice for those members who wanted to see what they were talking about.  Is this landscape architect the same one who did the landscaping for the golf course renovation?  Why is there nothing in the budget to pay him?  Maybe because he didn't really do anything?  Most landscape architects draw plans so clients know what to expect. Where's the plan?  How can we believe anything that anyone involved with this project says? There is absolutely ZERO credibility from this crowd.  Karpel should resign.  Likewise for Newman and Salzman.  How about our professional manager, Trent Squire? Where has he been in all this mess?  We have been ill served and our money wasted.  Why would anyone want to buy a home in place as poorly managed as Delaire?


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