"Fellow Members.....the Revolution is heating up. 12/20

What is Good for the Goose must be Good for the Gander"

Read the new Brecker Grievance filed against Karpel and the Board

Abusive grievance charges beget grievance charges.  Now you must realize how they can affect you.  Without ever realizing it, YOU could be NEXT!   BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU VOTE FOR, especially the Discipline Article XII.  It is bad and must not be enacted.   Article XIV must be done away with for our own safety.  Who knows who could be     struck next."  Karpel never thought  it could happen to him!  The board members, soon to be indicted, never thought

it could happen to them!  Jeffrey Smith never thought he would be caught within the Grievance web when he just joined last year, but it happened.  What probably seemed, to him, like a harmless posting on Facebook now has him facing a potential 1 year suspension.  This matter  likely wouldn't rise to any kind of violation in municipal and state codes, but at Delaire he is in harm's way, charged with "MISCONDUCT".  This just proves that we have to be careful to not let the board take our freedom away.  Now they will feel it themselves. Couldn't happen to a better group.  That is Transparency thanks to  Delaire Governance seeks only betterment in all areas at the Club and the POA.  Join our cause and together we can..........................




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Click here to read Grievance Jurisdiction, clearly stated by Grievance Chairman Richard Abbey. 

How can The Grievance Committee have any say in the matter between Karpel v. Brecker?


Below Executive Summary from Stuart Berkowitz

in His 7/31 Letter to the Board

  • "An ex post facto law is considered a hallmark of tyranny because it deprives people of a sense of what behavior will or will not be punished and allows for random punishment at the whim of those in power" and Article I, section 10, clause 1 of the US constitution prohibits ex-post-facto laws because they are unfair.

  • The provision of “misconduct” is not defined in the legal codes and when Jim Newman says in Dec 29, 2014 board meeting it as “left to … Grievance Committee to define” is an after-the-fact standard which is not a “procedure that is fair and reasonable and is carried out in good faith” per statute 617.0607.

  • Curt Karpel and Richard Abbey, used this ex-post-facto  interpretation of "misconduct" in a recent hearing against Manny Brecker!

  • Let's stop breaking laws and not become a honey pot for lawsuits. Quash this suspension NOW!

  • Pogo said "I have met the enemy and he is us". Manny wouldn’t have this website if the grievance process was fair, if we didn’t cheat at the ballot box or regularly go over budget. We have work to do better and I am here to help.

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July 25, 2017

Grievance Committee members take note:

The Bylaws state Grievance Members are "deemed to be officers of the Club".  However the Articles of Incorporation state that Officers must be elected.  Grievance members are appointed and not elected.  The number of  officers and directors is limited to 15.  The Board has 9 members and the Grievance Committee has 9.  That total of 18 exceeds the allowable number, if in fact one can actually be "deemed" an officer.  Grievance members should make sure that when the music stops, there is a chair for you. If you expect to be indemnified by the Club and/or its D & O liability insurance, you better have it in writing and be specifically named as an additional insured on that D & O policy.  When there is conflict between the Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation, the Articles take precedence.


Just like our golf course renovation, our Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, motions made and passed are nothing more than a patchwork of poor planning and uncoordinated execution.  They are often in conflict, out of date and more often ignored or misunderstood.  How many lies were told during the golf course renovation vote and construction?  How many shortcuts were taken?  How much faith do you have that you will be indemnified by the club?  If you can’t lock it down or have lost faith in people to honor their commitments, the safest course is to resign.  Who could blame you? 





July 1, 2017

Here we go again.  Now, Curt Karpel has filed a grievance against Manny Brecker.  Click here to read Karpel's preposterous claim.  Not one to take it lying down, Brecker fired back with his own grievance   complaint.  Click here to read the Brecker grievance.  Is this deja vu all over again?  Didn't Salzman just file a grievance which was dismissed out of hand?  In Karpel's complaint, there is a list of questions that Brecker submitted to Grievance Committee Chair Richard Abbey.  Abbey declined to answer.  The questions are quite thought provoking.  What training do these individuals have to run a secret tribunal and sit in judgment of another?  This whole process seems more like North Korea than Delray Beach.  You'll hear more from us soon.  Karpel's claims are totally without merit.  For full, up to the minute details on Karpel v. Brecker, click here for our dedicated page.


May 29, 2017

Steve Salzman has filed a grievance against Manny Brecker in retaliation for comments made on this website about the failings of the golf course renovation.  Click here for a copy of the complaint.  Apparently, his feelings are hurt because he has been cited as the person responsible for the botched course renovation.  Salzman is a Board member, chair of the Green Committee and also the Golf Enhancement Committee.  Is there really any doubt as to his role?  He claims his reputation and character have been impugned.  We are of the opinion that Salzman should get a thicker skin.  If you are going to run for elective office and accept responsibility for the golf course renovation, you have to expect some criticism.  It's senseless to attack the media for reporting the facts.


If you want to talk about impugning reputations, let's not forget all the propaganda perpetrated against Brecker by certain persons. I bet almost all of you have heard some of the character assassination directed towards him.  Come on Steve, get to work on fixing all the issues with the course and stop wasting more time and money on this baseless grievance.  Better yet, why don't all you amateur course renovators stand aside and hire some competent professional help?


This grievance is so petty and trivial that it doesn't even merit consideration.  We will have more to say on this matter in the coming days.


Demand Good Governance

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