The Signs Are All There,

Ignore At Your Own Peril


Some of the thoughts put forth on this website may seem radical and they often run counter to statements continually propounded by the Board.  My statements have been ridiculed as antithetical to the Board espoused “facts”.  This website founder has been portrayed as a disgruntled troublemaker.  All kinds of rumors have been propagated about me and my family.   We fully recognize that there is a certain presumptive acceptance of anything the Board says, because they are supposed to be our trusted leaders.  BUT, you must ask yourself some questions…………… 


Don't ignore the warning signs like people did with MBIA & Madoff.


If Delaire has an analysis that supports their contention that each resident member garners a $3400 benefit because of Non Resident/Non-Equity members, why won’t they produce it

Read this article that challenges their analysis, which they won’t provide.


If the NRNE members are a benefit, then why aren’t the Associate Members a benefit also?  Zucker said the Board no longer wanted to subsidize them and raised their dues to the same as a Resident Member.  Why are Associate Members a burden, but NRNEs are a blessing?  If the NRNE members are benefitting residents by $3400 each with their half off dues, doesn't it make sense that Associates would only increase that amount?  This brings to mind the old joke...."we lose money on every sale, but we make it up on volume".  Sadly, it's no laughing matter.

Why are only 285 out of 326 homes paying full dues?  Every home/parcel is mandated to maintain a Resident Membership from the day they take title until the day they no longer own the home.  You may have thought you'd be sharing costs with 326 homes but that's not true.


Why don’t NR members pay the clubhouse fee of $410 a month?  Zucker says it’s because that’s the deal we made and we are “locked in”.  This is a year to year agreement and we can easily raise the rates at renewal time.  Call it a clubhouse fee or something else, but all members should pay the same.  If they don’t want to pay, go somewhere else.  It's ironic that those who need the clubhouse the most pay absolutely nothing toward its debt retirement.  Resident members bear the entire burden.


How can you create such a HUGE disincentive to buy a home at Delaire by offering such cheaper pricing to nonresidents?  We have done the math.  Look at this example.  This is not a joke.   


How can you expect homes to sell when the financial burden of being a resident member grows every year?  Every dues increase, every assessment......lowers the value of your home.


Why would you expect people to buy in a community where some leaders lie to the members?

After Sunday's Town Hall we can also add physical assault.   If Art Newman were a NR member, he would be banished from the club.  While that can't be done to a resident, he should be give the maximum penalty of 1 year suspension.  Physical attacks cannot be tolerated.  An attack on one Delairean is an attack on all Delaireans.


Why hasn’t our leadership shared the results of the last member survey that we submitted months ago?

Why No Info on Southeastern Golf?  Read about it here.

Why do Nonresident members get free carts, while Resident Members must own a cart or pay a fee each time they use one.


Why does Delaire expect that Resident Members should subsidize builders & sellers by granting special concessions that force the residents to pony up the difference?  They are taking full dues paying houses off the rolls and forcing the current residents to make up the lost revenue.  Here are five builder homes that have been recently taken back by lenders.  We receive no dues at all in that circumstance.

Why did the BOARD just increase Associate Members dues to the same as Resident Members?  Many of this category are widowed and elderly.  Could it be they want to discourage them from remaining and then steer those homes into the unauthorized builder program?  Do they view the Associates as valued members or do they see $2,000,000 in new initiation fees?

Where is an accounting of the Builder Program and how this has benefitted resident members?  This is great for builders, not so much for residents.  The real estate market should operate without interference or subsidy from the Club.


The Board is concerned about matching the market for non-resident members when we are losing money on them?  Let them go sink some other club.


How can our leaders honestly believe that this a viable system?


If these subsidized rates for Nonresidents were an introductory offer to try out the club for a year, it might make some sense.  Why don’t we do something along those lines?

How does the Board justify the Flim Flam that exists here in their unauthorized "Builder Investor" program?  They dream up a new "membership" category, which the Articles of Incorporation does not recognize.


How does having all these Nonresidents benefit the club?  We lose money in the Pro Shop and also on Food & Beverage.  It’s not as if we are luring them in with a low rate, but making it up somewhere else.  The more they spend, the more we lose.


What is exclusive and desirable about a club that admits almost anyone with a pulse and a few thousand dollars?  

Now we'll concede that we may not be absolutely precise on every single one of these points, but we stand by their validity until someone proves otherwise.  You can't spend your way to prosperity, nor drink your way to sobriety.  Neither can you save a failing Country Club by taking in nonresident members at cut rate prices.  I welcome all members who are willing to share equally in the costs necessary to operate the Club.  Everyone should pay the same.  If we all have access to the same facilities, the entry fees and dues should be at parity for all.

Don't ignore the warning signs!


Demand Good Governance

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