Delaire Governance Accomplishments has kind of become an OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE to keep a check on the governance “FOR THE PEOPLE and of THE PEOPLE of DELAIRE”.


Our Mission is: Securing the vote, eliminating the abusive grievance system and keeping the Delaire community well informed on all the issues that involve our collective. That includes the hows, whys and whereofs, the interpretations of our bylaws, as written and changed, and observed by our elected officials, so they remain within the requirements of Florida Statutes and the Federal Law. We will be continually monitoring both, the Country Club and the Property Owners Association, for the benefit of our members who endow both associations with VOTES & DOLLARS.


That said, we have made a difference in many ways, and intend to continue with our journey. We uncover falsehoods and make sure that our members are protected from wrongdoings. We have exposed the failure of the $4.4 million dollar never to exceed Golf Enhancement Program. We are in the midst of the exposé of the so called Golf Beautification program, which is the board’s spin of “a rescue effort for failure”. The Board has been running amok, wielding its power far too long, bring about the DELAIRE REVOLUTION.  This new event is in its formative stage. It has been brought to everyone’s attention by our disclosures of an innocent unjustly defamed harassed, tormented mandatory member, struggling to absolve himself from the terror attacks of a corrupt evil Board, bestowing a 1 year suspension with all payments due, amounting to $32,000.


In the few months of our existence we have unmasked Karpel & Co. in the following ways. We have forced the retraction of the Karpel letter claiming that the Board had a “HOLE BY HOLE PLAN” for the summer beautification project. 2 weeks later after we held his feet to the fire, he stated “let me make it clear there is no hole by hole plan”.  Karpels confession to ZUCHOVICKI’S letter complaining of the golf course conditions. The exposure to the WIPO Domain Complaint. The exposure of the L-38 Canal debacle. The exposure that the club was surprised by the LWWD, well documented before the golf course redo was started. The Photos showing the courses. The revelation that there was no boat to keep the lakes clean claimed by Salzman. The exposure of Killiks forging and who else is involved?  The CURFEW danger. Only 5 lakes were dewatered not 14 reported. Salzman’s untruth that the lake problem was due to not being permitted to dig deeper. Home sales comparisons . The POA debris letter trying to put the responsibility on the property owners, retracted within hours of our expose. The change of the meetings to November 12th and December 17th when members are in residence, from a proposed October assemblage. The by law revisions on Voting and grievances are the byproducts of our exposures. They are not skewed to the member’s best interest but they will be by the time we bring all the fallacies to the attention of our members, The day of hoodwinking members is over.


All said the club now faces many hurdles which brought on the “Delaire Revolution”. The solving or not solving will determine the survival of our club. In our opinion the Board does not have the expertise to continue their reign.  The upcoming membership meeting as to the acceptance of the new suggested assessment will give us an indication if we can meet the challenges facing us in the near future.



Demand Good Governance

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