From time to time, people have questions and comments that Manny has decided to address on the website,

in hopes that all readers would benefit from the answers.  We've decided to call it "Dear Manny".

Dear Manny

by Manny Brecker


Dear Manny: RE: Your Lawsuit   Why are you continuing your unrelenting litigation after the Judge ruled against you? Mark Zucker in his letter quoting the Judge, made that clear. “The Court is not permitted under Florida law to review the merits of the clubs decision to suspend you.” Mark further delves into what the Judge ruled. “The court is not permitted under Florida law to review whether the Cub had good cause or adequate grounds to suspend you”. Continued reading gives more good news; “The club has the sole authority under Florida law to suspend its members for action which it deemed to be misconduct. The clubs motivation for suspension or for hearing the grievance are not properly subjected to judicial review”. And more goodies; “The court is not permitted under Florida law to evaluate or determine the reasonableness or the merits of the clubs disciplinary charges or suspension decisions”. Those are the Judges decisions.  Mark Zucker’s conclusion; “that it vindicated the club core defense”.  I as a member was worried that this could cost me plenty. Mark says you were only allowed a small portion to make your case. Many members are questioning what you are achieving by continuing spending our money, our time with a pointless litigation. Why don’t you save yourself the humiliation and your dough and just walk away, maybe the Board will discontinue the rest of your suspension if you follow that advice. From: CW

Dear CW:  Whoever you are, I got the message. Walking away and conceding as you advise, reminds me of 1968 after having won the “TET” offensive in Vietnam, then due to “False News Media Blitzes” surrendering for political correctness. The Judge DENIED SUMMARY JUDGEMENT TO THE CLUB. Zucker’s FALSE NEWS MEDIA BLITZ, “his letter of May 23rd “, calling the Judge  granting yours truly Summary Judgement, a “SMALL PORTION”, IS FALSE. The “SMALL PORTION” is the key to my ill-treatment. The Judge's ambiguous edicts will promptly be appealed. The Judge denied the Club Summary Judgement with his following diktat; “There is a genuine issue of material fact as to whether the club carried out its grievance procedure in a fair, reasonable and good faith manner”. That corrects the Judge’s ruling in “our favor”, not the club's.  That decision must give us the unrestricted means for discovery and forced us to appeal the restrictive rules the Judge imposed.  The Judge’s reasons for denial of the judgement motion to the club, also ends the Judge's arguments that; “The club has sole authority to suspend, the court not permitted under Florida law to determine reasonableness or merit of disciplinary charges or suspension decisions”. That said, even if we fail with our appeal, which is unlikely, our case stands on its own evidence. The club has NO DEFENSE.  Based on limited discovery to date, gave the Judge reason for denying the clubs motion. Truth, vindication and reprisal for having been deprived of my civil rights for the past 10 month is my motivation. The momentum is all in my favor. Why would I even think about quitting? I am also defending every member’s right to assure them of a fair, reasonable, good faith treatment from the people we elect, who have a Fiduciary Responsibility to all, even to those they don’t like.  My lawsuit which you don’t approve of, is in your best interest at the end of the day. Sincerely, Manny Brecker, June 3, 2018


Dear Manny:  RE:  Please Clarify Summary Judgment Order  I read the Zucker letter and he made it sound as if you were the loser. Upon review, it becomes quite clear that you won the Summary Judgment.  I still don’t understand what the order is all about. It is so confusing, can you explain it to me in a way that I can make heads or tails out of it.  FROM:  Longtime Member

Dear Longtime Member: The Judge’s order is confusing for the average reader to understand. Zucker counted on that to make his victory message sound real and important when it is a defeat. The Club’s attempt at  a Summary Judgement Motion FAILED. The law suit is going forward and I will have a letter of explanation in greater details to send to all of our readers shortly. The Judge made it clear that the club, being the defendant, has to abide by the rules of the Statutes 617.06067 and 0202 which state all actions for suspension have to be done in a procedure which is FAIR, REASONABLE AND CARRIED OUT IN GOOD FAITH.  The club gave me a 1 year suspension just because I sponsored the website that was determined by WIPO as legal and an expression of My Freedom of Speech. Not liking what I say does not allow Karpel, when President, or Zucker to put me away. That is going to be a very costly mistake. We will prove their BULLYING response to fairness, they have no defense.  Zucker’s statement, “the allowable issue by the Judge is a small matter”, is false.  His so called “small matter” is  what Brecker v. Delaire is all about!  Sincerely, Manny Brecker  May 27, 2018



Dear Manny:  RE: Can Brian Bowles Serve Two Masters?  I read the recent article of yours regarding Brian Bowles. It is very interesting, informative as well as thought provoking. My take on hiring him is that the Club was so desperate regarding the golf courses and your earlier warnings coming true, that they grabbed at the easiest solution which was Brian Bowles. He was the best greenskeeper we had. They gave him a Lifetime Honorary Membership so that he remains interested in our club while leaving to go into his own business.  At least that is what I was told at the time we did that. Your bringing up the fact who does he serve first is right on the mark. His business or Delaire? Being paid $200,000 one would expect our job should be his only commitment.  But I don’t know that, it seems he has two jobs. How can our Board accept such a responsibility? AS an Honorary Lifetime Member I think he cannot be an employee? As they say you got all of the answers, how do you rate this potential problem?  From: Longtime Member


Dear Longtime Member:  My Moonlighting Article brings questions to light as it was meant to do. Your response bring more problems into mind and I thank you for the opportunity to answer and delve into such “conflicts of interest” even further. The answer to your question is complicated. We have listed Read Code of Conduct for members of the Board of Governors Listed under the caption Corruption: The Board has never abided by the rules of their “Fiduciary Responsibilities”, or any of the mentioned codes. They will be faced with those disregards during their depositions and their appearances at the Brecker v. Delaire Jury trial. The results of their complete indifferences will continue to linger in the aftermaths of the trial. The Brian Bowles affair is no exception. By-Law Article XVII Section 5 gives the answer that Brian Bowles cannot be hired by the club. It shows once again that the Board takes the attitude: “WE ARE THE BOARD AND CAN DO AS WE PLEASE”. We have presented a variety of “conflicts of interest” of present and past Board members and officers of the club and the POA. Members such as Ellish, Zieky, Lidov, Salzman, Schindel, Dayan and Zucker under the caption:  Read Corruption. As long as the membership tolerates such abuses against their best interest, we will not drain the SWAMP of its bad actors. That is my answer in the short version.  Sincerely, Manny Brecker  May 22, 2018



Dear Manny: RE:  Would people pay to belong if they weren't forced by Mandatory Membership?

If we shifted to non-mandatory membership…as you recommend….. Who would pay to maintain the golf course and country club?  From:  Roger Brooks

Dear Roger:

Mandatory Membership was made popular during the height of the building boom of Gated Golf Country Club Communities. The concept was sold to the members on the belief that getting new replacement members was going to continue into perpetuity. It was a godsend for the Boards. They had a captive and never had to worry about insolvency. Spending money was never going to be a problem. Anybody that became a threat had to be silenced, so they created by-laws that would allow them to remain in power. As a Pilot I know “what goes up running out of fuel has to come down”. Gated Golf Club Communities have run out of fuel. Mandatory Membership is not what maintains country clubs, to-day it is quite the opposite seeing how many are sold to homebuilders. The Hamlet is another example of increased property values once shedding mandatory membership.  The same thing just happened at the Fountains.  Home values have skyrocketed.   High Ridge CC & Boca Rio CC are golf clubs that are thriving only supported by non-mandatory members, run as a business by competent managers.  Our Board has no clue how to run a business.  Nurturing a reign of terror to keep a lid on members is their business plan, creating resistance to becoming a member of Delaire. Shedding mandatory membership will force management to sink or swim. Becoming a non-mandatory membership club will lure new members wanting a community free from  onerous country club dues.  Demand for our homes will skyrocket along with their value. It will jettison subsidizing non-resident members. One dues structure will increase demand. Clubs that continue mandatory membership end up as home builder sites.  The Fountains, Eastpointe, Boca Lago, and many more are the examples. We should be jumping toward my recommendation not fighting it.


All that mandatory membership accomplishes is that the captives are encumbered with all the cost of maintaining the club, while the Board can spend to their hearts’ content without having to worry about who will pay.  The mandatory members bankroll the club. Non-residents benefit from a crazy bargain membership that defies all logic. If it’s such a great “Platinum” club, shouldn’t it be able to stand on its own merits?  Sincerely, Manny Brecker  May 17, 2018



Dear Manny: RE: Board Trust Factor

I just got finished reading the Board minutes of April 27th.  I was surprised to read our President's note on the bottom of page 1. The latest survey states that there was a Loss of Confidence and Trust in the Board of Governors. Yeah, I buy that! Mark Zucker is the first President that told the truth. He did not hide it. Hopefully this will not be his first and only truth message.  How can we trust our Board ever again is my question? They cost people that have to sell their houses lots of money with their stupid plan to take in members that don’t pay the same as we do. I am sick about that. You have said that for a long time but nobody listens to you. They disparaged you to all the members and most believed them,  including me. I am truly sorry about that, now I am going to become a believer since the survey shows that your words are taking hold. From - A New Brecker Believer


Dear Brecker Believer:  Thanks for the belated kudos. We brought the truth to our entire membership from day one on Truth is power. I added more with Brecker v. Delaire. We will prove the 1 year suspension was a costly mistake. The Board allowing Kangaroo Court justice to thrive in our community will be taught a lesson never to be forgotten the American Way. The grievance committee even in the shadow of our law suit is arrogant enough to bash more members with suspensions.  Their fun & games will soon come to an end.Ask yourself who are they to judge anyone. Don Snyder one of their members committed the real misconduct and they let him off the hook. That alone brought ”Loss of Confidence and Trust” to the  members. Think how the Judge and the Jury will react. That is but only a small part of our law suit, there are bigger issues and more people involved. Read the Witness& Exhibit List. The trial is scheduled with the court for 5 days. There will be standing room only in the court room. The media will have a ball.  Sincerely, Manny Brecker



Dear Manny: RE: Grievance Committee - I heard rumors that the grievance committee has found a member guilty of cursing another. I heard that they gave the member, a woman, a 2 month suspension. The gossip is all over the bagel room and in the card room. I love gossip but what about the confidentiality that is supposed to be observed by the committee members. It’s possible that anyone can become one of their marks at any moment, they are like the KGB. As possible targets, all of us are at risk. I would not want my name battered around in the bagel room or any place around the club. I am furious that we have children, instead of adults, in such  delicate positions. I think we should get rid of the whole bunch since they can’t keep their mouths shut! Being a long time member and thinking back, they always made a mountain out of a mole hill.  We should do away with the whole bunch and their Grievance committee. All they do is create trouble. Who are they to judge anyone? They don’t even stand by their own rules! A 2 month suspension is worth a lot of money, if anything, an apology is all that is needed. Time to get real. People don’t buy in places that play hardball. From - LooG


Dear LooG:  I totally agree with you. Since our last conversation I have been victimized by the grievance committee. Mine was not a crime! Just telling it the way it is on You gave that committee its proper name, the KGB of Delaire. They can’t wait to inflict punitive sentences for minor incidents. Their favorite pastime is playing Law & Order. I have made it my sacred duty using my own resources to bring this to an end.  To start with we will be deposing the entire lot from their Chairman, playing “Judge Judy”, to their discredited member “Don Snyder” who called me an “asshole” during the hearing. He got a “free get out of jail pass”. The committee refused my grievance against him for his outburst and attitude displayed at the hearing, “not a minor incident”.  Due to their inconsistencies all will become witnesses at the Brecker v. Delaire trial in the next few months. There they will be taught Law & Order.  The Grievance Committees and Board of Governors have a Fiduciary Responsibility, if they fail to observe such, they will face civil penalties. After Brecker v. Delaire is adjudicated, I will proceed with that issue. next. A 1 year suspension at the hands of the Delaire KGB requires retribution,

Sincerely, Manny Brecker



Dear Manny: RE: Roaches in the kitchen  We hit the news on channel 5 TV. Not as a great Country Club to belong to, but as a Restaurant to avoid. Florida Health Department shutting down of our Kitchen will not entice more members, or have people eating at our Restaurant during the summer months. A former path to extra revenue during the summer to compensate for the loss of members going north. I for one will look to eat at other clubs rather than Delaire in order to stay safe during the summer. Perhaps if most of us follow such a way, we will rid ourselves of Trent Squire who has seriously damaged our Club's reputation, the little that was not destroyed by our Board.  From -  A full time resident member.

Dear Full Timer:  As I am sure you know, due to my illegal one year suspension, I am not allowed to use the club facilities.  Maybe that is a blessing in disguise.  It is very embarrassing to belong to a club that ends up in the spotlight for roaches in their kitchen.  I agree with you.  Read Time for Squire to Go.


Dear Manny: RE: Disgusted    I am disgusted with what is happening to our once great Delaire Club. Now we are inundated with non-resident members that get the same amenities offered by the Club at half price. No initiation fee, not having to buy a home, and most of all not having to become a mandatory member. Outsiders save all of the troublesomeness we are subjected to at half price, how does that make sense? As a Home Owner with all of the handicaps already in place, I now find I have several new ones. We have non-residents parking their cars on our streets.  As stated by others, I live in a PARKING LOT. Now Bocaire members crowding our golf courses with the non-resident members already upsetting the status quo, the long established “Just step up and play” forgotten.  You telling us that I will have to pay the punitive charges that the Jury might award to you for the illegal 1 year suspension. I had nothing to do with that, why do I have to pay?  Added to all of my misfortunes as a mandatory member, Florida Health Inspector closed our Kitchen due to dangerous health violations. You state that our property values are sinking into extinction and that my investment into Delaire is going to the dogs! If you are so smart with all of the answers you claim you have to our troubles, how do I get out of the vicious circle I am in?  From - In Harm’s Way.


Dear In Harm’s Way: I have often mentioned that the best way to save ourselves of all of the negatives surrounding us, is to vote out Mandatory Membership. If we had followed that advice we would not have our property values GO TO THE DOGS. Read the Fountains voted out mandatory membership. The punitive damage awards would not be funded by the Mandatories. Non-Residents would not be subsidized by our equity members, all would pay the same dues. Property values would sky-rocket. Mandatory members would not be taken for granted and treated as captives. Member’s objections would have to be adhered to as the customer is always right, not giving a devotee a 1 year suspension! Now the lack of competent leadership is about to crush us, all due to the nonchalant attitude of our membership. The membership attitude and the abusive power of the board has created our standing as a viable club into the future.  Read Time for Squire to Go.  Sincerely, Manny, April 29, 2018

Dear Manny: RE: Repaving Delaire Roads   I saw something in the most recent issue of the Good Life that said we are going to repave all the roads in Delaire this coming summer.  I am concerned that we will move ahead with that, without dealing with the rust problem that exists in the community from those people using well water for irrigation.

In no time, the roads will look just as bad as they do now.  Why don’t we pass a rule forcing offending home owners to go to City water?  For those that don’t want to change and are not able to keep the rust clear from their sidewalks and adjacent roadways, why don’t we just start fining them?  It only costs a couple of hundred bucks to change over.  We could fine them up to $1000.  The economic decision then becomes easy.  We shouldn’t do new roads until the rust problem has been resolved.  From - Rusty

Dear Rusty:  I hadn't given this matter a whole lot of thought as I have my hands full with several lawsuits, grievances and the effort to have my invalid 1 year suspension lifted.  You do make a very valid point.  I agree with you 100%.  As you saw in the item immediately below this one, the POA sometimes acts in unusual ways.  The Debris Removal issue is an example.  Buying new streetlights last year for $185K without member approval and no competitive bidding is another example.  Tell your friends and neighbors to VOTE NO, assuming they even bother with that.  If they deal with the rust issue, then it might be a different story.  Sincerely, Manny, November 26, 2017


Dear Manny: RE: Hurricane Debris Removal  Give us some credit for getting it taken care of. You were never inconvenienced, it was just trees and bushes Mr Brecker. We work very hard on the POA.  Get yourself involved if you can add something positive. Don’t put me, our property manager, or my board down.  From - Cathy Cutler, President, POA Board

Dear Madam President:  I give credit where credit is due and can find no reason to credit you, your Board or the Community Association Manager, Natalie Mitchell.  As we have recorded previously in our piece titled POA Miscue,  you initially told residents that they should have the debris removed ASAP at their own expense.  After I objected, you quickly reversed opinion.  As we are all now aware, Delray Beach removed all the debris last week, at no additional charge to citizens.  As far as being involved, I think my work on this one issue benefitted all the homeowners in Delaire.  Had I not objected and people had done it your way, it would likely have cost each homeowner an extra $100-200.  Further, through my website, Delaire Governance, I continue to bring the truth to members, so they know what's really going on here at Delaire.  Sincerely, Manny, October 9, 2017


Dear Manny: I do not golf and I was against the golf course renovation. I thought the golf course was fine the way it was and that it would be a waste of money to change it especially considering that most of the members are very old and not very good golfers. Truthfully the golf course looked much better before the renovations with the exception of the rocks they placed around some of the lakes. The pine straw looks terrible and only lasts a few months at best. I would have spent the money on more essential improvements such as roadway resurfacing, improving the quality of the lakes, and other hard infrastructure improvements. I also think having to maintain 27 holes is a big burden on the community and they should consider converting 9 holes to a park area or well maintained green area. As you know Bocaire has only 18 holes. These options would reduce the cost of maintaining the community and improve the overall appearance. It would also allow the greens crew to better maintain the 18 holes instead of being spread so thin over 27 holes. I enjoy living in Delaire during the winter months because it is a gated community, quiet, well maintained and i like the large open green areas. I have no complaints and as a retired developer of many large developments i enjoy watching the typical HOA drama and find it very entertaining. I can not understand the board's obsession with the golf course and willingness to throw away five million dollars to kill perfectly good grass to replant new grass. If they can afford to be that wasteful then no one should complain about increases in club dues and never ending assessments in the future.  I enjoy reading your paper and thank you for keeping us informed.  Take care of yourself and try to enjoy life and Delaire especially with all the hardships around the world as a result of hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes. We should all be thankful that all we have to worry about is a golf course.  

From - Felix Granados

Dear Felix:  I am in receipt of your kind message sent to  and thank you for all your kind wishes. I am sure that there are many other people that feel as you do and are slowly getting disgusted with the type of governance and all the waste we are being subjected to at Delaire. That is what is all about and has been from the beginning.  We are the oversight committee so desperately needed at Delaire. The board is desperate to shut us down.  They cannot stand to hear the truth and lack of transparency of their evil ways.

I and there are several others diligently working on the web on behalf of all the mandatory members of our club. We are here to make the changes that must be forthcoming in the very near future. As you may have read, I have been illegally suspended for 1 year by the board based on their Kangaroo Court called the grievance committee.  Read the goings on as I described them on the web in the tab "Karpel v. Brecker", July 20, 2017 “The Day of the Hearing”. This type of disgrace has to be put to a stop and I am fortunate to have been given that opportunity and the wherewithal to do so. The first Phase has started with a request for an expedited injunctive procedure to be heard on October 3rd  in the 15th District Court in Palm Beach. The rest will follow over the next few month at the peril of the board. We will win and they will lose and Delaire will become a better place to live in.


As you have noticed we are also keeping the POA on its toes. The recent letter of Mario  Zuchovicki to Karpel makes it clear that the members have come to a conclusion that if the elected officials do not respond to the needs of those that elected them, it's time they depart the scene ASAP.  Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for the good words you have favored me with. - With my warmest regards, Manny Brecker, September 26, 2017



Dear Manny:  I just got a letter talking about a meeting to be held on 10/22 to decide on how to finance our recent "beautification project", which cost 400K.  Aren't the members supposed to approve all capital projects above 200K?  How can they just go ahead and do the work and then present a bill to the members and say now we have to figure out how to pay for it?  From - Anonymous

Dear Anonymous:  I can see that you've already learned not to sign your name to anything around this club, lest you be ostracized and scorned as I and several others have been.  To your point, you are absolutely right that the members should have been presented with this project for approval before it ever commenced.  As is customary around Delaire, the Board just does whatever they want and then expects a rubber stamp.  They botched the job to begin with and are now spending even more.  We will be writing a much more in depth article in the next couple of weeks to make sure members understand their rights and also the fiduciary responsibility of the Board.  You should write Karpel and tell him you would like to see all the details of the project and their financing proposats at least 2 weeks before the meeting so you can comprehend what they are doing.  Watch for our detailed explanation coming in the next 2 weeks.  Sincerely, Manny, September 19, 2017



  Write to Manny at

Dear Manny:  I just got a letter talking about a meeting to be held on 10/22 to decide on how to finance our recent "beautification project", which cost 400K.  Aren't the members supposed to approve all capital projects above 200K?  How can they just go ahead and do the work and then present a bill to the members and say now we have to figure out how to pay for it?  From - Anonymous

Dear Anonymous:  I can see that you've already learned not to sign your name to anything around this club, lest you be ostracized and scorned as I and several others have been.  To your point, you are absolutely right that the members should have been presented with this project for approval before it ever commenced.  As is customary around Delaire, the Board just does whatever they want and then expects a rubber stamp.  They botched the job to begin with and are now spending even more.  We will be writing a much more in depth article in the next couple of weeks to make sure members understand their rights and also the fiduciary responsibility of the Board.  You should write Karpel and tell him you would like to see all the details of the project and their financing proposats at least 2 weeks before the meeting so you can comprehend what they are doing.  Watch for our detailed explanation coming in the next 2 weeks.  Sincerely, Manny, September 19, 2017


Dear Manny:  How much money do you think the Delaire Board will attribute to the hurricane damage, but really use to straighten out all the problems they created during their failed renovation?  How much more money will they need to replace the pine straw?  Do you think we will ever get an accurate accounting of the full cost of the renovation?

From - Miffed Member


Dear Miffed Member:  It is my opinion that this Board provides no discernible accountability.  The lack of transparency is mind boggling.  Nowhere in corporate America would this type of accounting prestidigitation be tolerated.  You need only to look at my denied request for documents and information to see they don't want you to know what is really happening.  Write to your Board and demand total transparency and a full accounting of the renovation costs.  Also demand the immediate resignation of Salzman, Karpel and Art Newman from the Board. Sincerely, Manny, September 16, 2017 



Dear Manny: Last night at the club, there were several people talking about how you have damaged home sales and tarnished Delaire’s reputation. One of them was a board member. While I don’t agree with some of what you say, I don’t hold you responsible for the problems at Delaire. The blame lies solely with the board and their poor choices. They lack candor and rectitude. Are they too blind to see the problems that you point out on your website? I sometimes wonder if the “beautification” activities, new lakes management company, and turf consultations would have even taken place without your taking leadership to task. God knows they don’t pay any attention to individual complaints, other than lip service. I’m not your biggest fan, but can understand your frustration and applaud those efforts that work toward improving the community. BTW, I just opened an email from Mark Zucker telling us our home sales are running just as projected. To the extent home sales may have been harmed, if at all, the board bears full responsibility for a failed renovation of our most important asset. From - Exasperated


Dear Exasperated: Thank you for recognizing the board’s failings and seeing that I didn’t create the problems at Delaire. I just report them. I respect the truth and hope that in spite of the animus that some people bear towards me, they can see the potential to change things for the better. I will continue fighting for our rights as club members, and fighting to make Delaire a better place to live. Sincerely, Manny, August 25, 2017



Dear Manny:  I was recently a guest at Mizner CC.  Their golf course is in amazing condition.  It is so plush and so well groomed.  The lakes are immaculate without a hint of algae.  The concrete paths are throughout the entire course.  There is no pine straw.  The tees & greens are in excellent condition.  It is everything I envisioned Delaire to become. I was told they just redid their course, which I believe reopened in January.  I was surprised to learn that Kipp Schulties was the architect.  Why is Delaire in deplorable condition with algae, weeds, diseased grass, sloppy & bumpy coquina paths, etc.?  What could possibly be the difference?  Is it Delaire personnel and Board members who were involved in the project?  Did Delaire promise members the Rolls Royce version, but only pay for a Ford?  The difference is astounding.  I am stunned that our leaders try to pass this off as a first class renovation.  The saddest part is they seem to have convinced themselves it is.  What recourse do we have?  From - Incensed    


Dear Incensed:  Sadly, there is little you can do other than move or write the check for the upcoming assessment.  There is little accountability and people are afraid to speak up.  If this was a "for profit" enterprise, Art Newman, Salzman and Karpel would have been gone a long time ago.  Your money, like mine, has been frittered away and now you are relegated to play on a substandard golf course.  People don’t want to align themselves with me because certain individuals have smeared my name to the point where it is toxic and people are afraid they will become tainted in the same manner.  Maybe an independent group should form and join en masse to force the resignation or recall of the offending Board members.  I am happy to help if you will allow me.  I will keep your name confidential.  Sincerely, Manny, August 24, 2017


Dear Manny:  I just finished playing our Hills and Lakes courses and I think we deserve some answers.  Something appears dreadfully wrong with the golf course.  I find that the fairways are getting all brown and it looks like we are losing the course.  It appears to be a maintenance problem.   A worker told me that they need rain to bring it back and that the grass was not dead.  I then drove around to the other course and it has the same condition.  Are we   losing the golf courses?  I am not a expert on golf courses but it looks like we are losing most of the greens around the collars.  The lakes all are very dirty and the water is green in places.  The water is generally murky and looks polluted.  Algae is not as prominent as it was a couple of weeks ago, but it is still present in most of the lakes.  That is on every lake on the golf course.  There are numerous weeds in many of the tee boxes as well as other areas.  Is that a result of cross contamination that was supposed to be eliminated by doing all three courses at once?  Did you ever hear back from Schulties?   From - "Still" Disgusted  


Dear Still Disgusted: At some point, we need to face facts.  We've been had.  We got exactly what we paid for.  A half assed, homemade golf course conceived by Delaire amateurs, who had no business being involved.  They wanted something for nothing and got exactly what they paid for.  Unfortunately, the members are the ones who will have to bear the financial burden to fix the mess that's been created.  I have not heard back from Schulties.  By his silence, I can only assume he wants to distance himself from this project and move on.  Maybe you should contact the leaders of this ill fated project and see what they have to say.  If you want to point a finger, I would suggest Art Newman, Steve Salzman, Trent Squire and Ron Ellish.  Officials at Delaire stopped responding to me a long time ago.  I only hear from them when they want to file a grievance.  Sincerely, Manny, August 9, 2017



Dear Manny:  Do you think that any Delaire members that needed brain surgery or a knee replacement would go to Art Newman, Steve Salzman or Ron Ellish to have the procedure done?  I know your answer would be “ABSOLUTELY NOT”.  I am still puzzled why our venerable Board of Governors allowed them the opportunity to manage the renovation of our golf courses.  It’s quite obvious that they are no more qualified to have managed the course renovations than they are to do brain surgery.  The sad part is that Salzman is still trying to salvage something out of the project by planting random bushes and laying a paltry amount of sod.  What a travesty.  Thank you for enlightening us as to what’s really going on around here.  This place would be great fodder for Larry David, akin to Del Boca Vista where Seinfeld's parents lived.  There is plenty of material and what a cast of characters.  You can’t make up stuff like this.  From - Disgusted

Dear Disgusted: The only way to institute change at Delaire is for people to speak up and demand honesty, excellence, transparency and accountability.  I know many people are afraid to speak out publicly for fear of being shunned, ostracized and slandered, as I have been.  Many people view our Board members as their friends and neighbors and they don't want to make waves.  "Friends" don't lie to you and squander your money.  "Friends" don't insult your intelligence or sully your good name.  "True friends" are honest, forthright, loyal, caring and compassionate.  I appreciate your comments and your support.  I agree with you that Delaire would be fertile ground for a sitcom producer.  Sincerely, Manny, August 7, 2017


Dear Manny:  I'd like to look at the results of the golf course renovation through the eyes of a few members of other country clubs in the area. We have enough clubs here in the South Palm Beach area to compare ourselves with. I would like to limit these comments to the golf courses alone, especially since several are undergoing renovation at this time (Polo, Broken Sound), and one has completed its renovation (Mizner CC). I was able to bring a friend from Addison Reserve with me recently on my cart for a personal tour of the course.  It is interesting that his comments are similar to what we hear from our members in and around the course.

The heavy use of pine straw. While the other clubs are depending on "tried & true grass”, we now have major areas of pine straw blowing all over the course. Many homeowners, instead of having views from their homes of green vistas, instead are now looking at brown straw and dirt where it has blown away. That's not what they expected, nor what they paid for!

The Lakes:  Couldn't believe what the lakes look like, especially the "signature" lake in front surrounding our large Live Oak. Some of the smaller lakes and ponds are so clogged with algae that they are starting to smell and are become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Inquiring further, most other clubs have an aquatics company that maintains the lakes, so they never look like this! Weren't we supposed to do that too?  And while we are at it, where is the boat that we were told was purchased? Many of the original town hall plans and promises have gone unfulfilled. Why?

The Cart Paths: Concrete, sand, gravel. What happened to the original plan of replacing all the old cart paths with concrete, because they would last for eons? Now it is just mix and match! No other club has this nonsense. Ask around.

The Fairways: Bumpy, bumpy, bumpy, and what are all the ridges from, and can they ever be corrected? The fairways are pretty thin, much like they were before the renovation ever took place. Will waiting really be the solution?

Sorry - Just one man's opinion from another country club. But if you take the time to play at reciprocal clubs this summer ....... you'll get the picture. Ask your friends from other clubs how they rate our golf might not like the answer!  I'm not afraid to give my name.  From - Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg

Thanks for your support, Larry.  You've stated the situation very well.  I've never seen the Algae Boat.  I guess the Delaire Navy is MIA.  Sincerely, Manny, July 31, 2017



Dear Manny:  Explain the benefit you derive from bashing the community publicly!  I understand how you are upset with the board and it's decision making but exploiting the Delaire community will not benefit you or anyone who lives there.  Make it great- yes!  From - Irv Singer

Dear Irv Singer:  You deserve an answer and I thank you for giving me that opportunity. If you were sincere in your question, then you should come to terms with my answer.

 “Bashing” is described as striking a violent blow, smashing a violent blow, smash, wallop, whack, and whop. I cannot be found guilty of any of those activities by my bringing the truth to light. Question: “CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH”?  I am not exploiting anything or anybody and I am not manipulating any one. It is I and the mandatory members of Delaire that are being manipulated, misused and taken advantage of by what I believe is a corrupt, evil, abusive and unworthy, incompetent President and board .Their actions, not mine are what is hurting our community and those that live here. They create the problem and blame it on others using the grievance hearings and suspensions as their tools to “BASH” the opposition! Leaders do not push off their failures on the ones that have the guts to hold their feet to the fire. I am engaged in that activity to restore fairness and order to benefit of our community. Not telling the truth and bringing to light the “menaces” created by evil and incompetence will in due course deliver us toward destruction. Not mentioning it or doing anything to bring such doings to a halt, may be more comfortable for the moment for some, but will not improve anything at the end of the day.  That is where you and I differ. I have funded  with my money not to hear myself talk, but for you and everybody else to be able to understand the real issues that are distressing our property values and the reason we cannot sell houses. I am trying to get the members to force the board to make the changes that will improve our lot. Remember I too have a valuable property which I hope will regain value once we rid ourselves of those that are incapable and destructive. Sincerely, Manny, July 30, 2017 



Dear Manny:  In response to our member email of today, we received the following one sentence statement:

"If you don't like it be smart enough and move"  From - Batlew

Dear Batlew:  Why should I have to move out?  I made a huge investment in my home when I moved here in 2004 and apart from the incidents since the golf course renovation project, my wife and I like it here.  I am not the one who lied to the membership and botched the golf course renovation.  I am not the one who failed to check in with LWDD, which controls the water and land surrounding us on three sides.  I am not the one who encroached on their property.  I am not the one who failed to secure any building/construction/landscaping permits from Delray Beach.  I am not the one who made all kinds of promises about the golf course renovation that were never kept.  I am not the one who designated pine straw be used on our golf course, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I am not the one who forged a voter’s name on a ballot, while Secretary of the club. I am not the one who has manipulated the voting system at Delaire for years.  I am not the one who wrote that there was a “detailed hole-by-hole plan”, which was non-existent.  I am not the one who has embarked on a $407K enhancement/beautification project without a vote of the members, as required in our bylaws.  I am not the one who has instituted a grievance system that is such a miscarriage of justice that it affords a small group of people the opportunity to suppress whatever “misconduct” they don’t like.  Maybe the current management and leaders of our club should be the ones to move on.  They are the people who have brought us to this juncture.  Maybe all current and future Board members should be keenly aware of their obligation to the members.  Sincerely, Manny, July 30, 2017



Dear Manny:  Word around the club is that one of the grievance members called you an asshole at your hearing last week?  Someone said you and your attorney walked out at that point.  What's going on with this thing?  Who was the name caller?  If that's true, he should be removed.  Somebody said he has resigned already, but didn't know his name.  Isn't this all supposed to be confidential?  From - Curious Cat

Dear Curious: You are right about one thing and that is the confidentiality, even to the point of "no recording" of the meeting, by any means.  For that reason, I cannot comment on any of your other questions.  It is very disappointing, but hardly surprising, that members who agreed to confidentiality cannot keep their mouths shut.  Sincerely, Manny, July 25, 2017



Dear Manny:  What came of the grievance that Karpel filed against you and also your claim against him?  Wasn't there supposed to have been a hearing by now?  From - Interested Member

Dear Interested: We attended an abbreviated hearing on July 20th and are awaiting a decision.  Sincerely, Manny, July 22, 2017


Dear Manny:  I think it's a disgrace how members are attacking you for your website which only informs us of that which would be hidden from us if the website didn't exist. The website is open for all to contribute, so to complain is ludicrous. Instead of worrying about the website, the members and the board should be worrying about how we are going to solve the myriad of problems we have been presented with:

A failed golf course renovation

Severe financial deficit based on our last treasurer's report

Increasing fees in the dining room

Decreasing home sales

Increased non- resident membership making Delaire semi-private in nature


Maybe less complaining and more solutions are in order.........From - Concerned


Dear Concerned:  How refreshing to hear from someone who actually agrees with me.  Now see if you can convince some of your friends to speak up.  Let the Board know that they are responsible for our current situation and they need to clean it up.  Thanks for your support.   Sincerely, Manny, July 10, 2017 



Dear Manny: Since it’s hard to get a straight answer around here, I thought I’d give you a try.  You appear to tell it like it is and seem to know what’s going on.  The lakes on the golf courses are in horrendous shape.  Algae seems to be rampant almost everywhere and I don’t see any activity to alleviate the problem.  Weren’t they supposed to dredge all the lakes and hire some water management company to maintain them?  I seem to recall something about them buying a boat and skimming the algae, but I’ve never seen that happen.  Can you shed any light on the problem?  From – DUFR4LIFE

Dear DUFR4LIFE: Like you, I have wondered the same things.  Maybe they spent the lake money on pine hay.  They only dredged 5 of the lakes and even those lakes appear to have algae issues.  There are 14 lakes and they did lead us to believe they were going to drain and dredge the lakes.  I’ve never seen the boat and don’t know anyone who has.  They paraded an aquatics guy in front of the Town Hall Meeting before the vote, as evidence they had consulted a professional. I suppose that was to make us feel all warm and fuzzy.  I played golf just a few days ago and was shocked at the amount of algae.  Check out our PHOTOS page.  Since I played last week it has only gotten worse.  Sorry I can’t be more informative, but they don’t have good answers for this.  This should have been dealt with when the course was all torn up.  To have to go back and do it now will cost a lot of moolah that we don’t have. Something is disturbingly wrong with this entire renovation scenario.   Sincerely, Manny, July 7, 2017


Dear Manny: I see that Karpel has now filed a grievance against you.  After all the tall tales this Board has told, how can he have enough credibility left for anyone to take him seriously?  Do you think maybe he was upset because you pressed him on providing that hole-by-hole plan which only existed in someone's imagination?  What's happening with that?  From - Partee Guy 

Dear Partee Guy:  Who knows with these characters?  After Salzman's grievance was dismissed, they probably decided it was Karpel's turn to take a shot.  If Delaire was a government entity, this type of complaint would be illegal.   They are  known as SLAPP suits and are prohibited by Florida Statute 768.295 - Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) prohibited.  The statute is designed to protect free speech.  At Delaire, they seem to think they can write their own law and administer justice as they see fit.  While this is not a lawsuit, it's similar in nature.  This is Delaire's way of trying to silence me from telling the truth.  There is no clear and specific language of what constitutes a grievance.  They make it up as they go along.  There is a hearing on July 13th.  I'll report the results on this website.  Sincerely, Manny, July 5, 2017 


Dear Manny: What the hell is wrong with you?  Why don’t you get a life?  Have you nothing better to do than file

lawsuits all day long?  Get some other hobby and leave all of us alone.  From - Had Enough


Dear Had Enough:  There is nothing wrong with me.  Maybe you should be asking what’s wrong at Delaire that leaves someone so aggrieved; they feel there is no alternative but to file a suit.  I’m not the only one at Delaire to seek relief from the courts.  As a longtime businessman, I am keenly aware that a lawsuit is a long, drawn out and costly affair.  That is why I always try to resolve matters before they get to that point.  I appreciate your concern

about my daily pastimes, but you need not worry.  I’m still playing golf, though I’ve lost some flexibility because of a hip replacement this past January.  I was able to get back into the pilot’s seat in March and resumed piloting my plane.  Also in March, I celebrated my 90th birthday. I love the freedom of the skies and I fly several times a week.  One of my greatest joys is being a part of Angel Flight Southeast and flying patients to medical appointments. 

I have flown over 90 missions for Angel Flight.  In fact, last April I was honored as Angel Flight SE Pilot of the Year. Click here for a photo of me at the presentation ceremony.  Sincerely, Manny, 6/27/17


Dear Manny: I know that you asked Karpel to post a copy of the "hole by hole plan" of the summer course enhancements.  I have been watching the Delaire website and have not seen anything.  Did he ever respond to you?  If so, would you mind telling me what he said?

From - Curious Member

Dear Curious,

I haven't heard a thing.  In fact, on June 15th, I sent Karpel an email and asked him

to furnish me with the plan and landscaper information, since he had not posted it

on the club website.  My guess is that there is no plan, but rather a couple of notes

on the back of a cocktail napkin.  If I had botched this renovation as badly as they

did, I would be a little more contrite, cooperative and transparent.  Why don't some

other members ask him for the plan?  Send him an email.    

Sincerely, Manny 6/20/17




Dear Manny: I heard you had more than a half dozen grievances filed against you?  Do you feel you’ve been given a fair shake?  Some people said you had made some very nasty comments. Do you think our grievance system is fair. From - Just Wondering


Dear Just Wondering,

I have been charged with grievances on four occasions.  They have all been baseless and unfounded.  Once I was given a 4 week suspension for saying “BUZZ OFF” in a private email between myself and one other person. I will admit that my emails can be very frank and I can see where some people might have an issue with them.  I have tried to moderate my communications so people will concentrate more on the message and less on me. This is a crazy system that doesn’t even offer any specifics as to what constitutes a grievance.  Your question is very timely.  At this exact moment, I am working on a piece for Delaire Governance that will expose the fallacy and inequity in this process.  We are waiting for answers from Richard Abbey who is head of the Grievance Committee.  The article should be up within the next week or so.  Keep watching the site.  You will get an inside look at this process, which has little transparency or accountability.  Sincerely, Manny  6/12/17



Dear Manny: If you hate it here at Delaire so much, why don’t you just move out?  I know that St. Andrews had to buy your house just to get rid of you.  Do we have to do the same thing at Delaire?  What’s that going to cost us?  The sooner this happens, the better.  From - Mad Member


Dear Mad Member,

My wife and I have no plans to leave Delaire.  We made our home here in 2004 and for the most part, we like it here.  We love the view from the back of our house which extends across 3 fairways and the driving range.  The   most disturbing thing about Delaire is the way that my name and my family have been trashed by certain people.  They have spread falsehoods and rumors that have little or no basis in truth.  The story about St. Andrews is but one of the tall tales.  For the record, St. Andrews did not buy my home.  After an extremely long time on the market, we were finally able to unload it in 2011, in the depths of the recent financial crisis.  It was bought by a very nice couple who still live there.  Read the supporting document.  As you will see, they got a bargain and I took a bath.  That story is just like a lot of things you hear at fabrication.  Sincerely, Manny  6/08/17


Dear Manny: Aren’t you concerned that your website, which portrays a very negative image of Delaire, will cause home values and sales to drop precipitously?  How do you think this affects people who have homes for sale?  Isn’t this unfair?  I wish you would take your site off the internet. How can you justify treating your neighbors this way? From - A Concerned & Irate Member


Dear Concerned & Irate,

I am very apprehensive about home values and sales.  Delaire derives a great deal of its revenue from home sales and the club needs that money to remain solvent.  I own a home here also and I don’t want to see the value deteriorate.  However, I think the dangers of election fraud and mismanagement are of far greater concern.  Look at our golf course and what a slipshod job was done on that.  It’s well over budget and I estimate that the total cost, including Delaire supplied labor and materials, is close to $8 million dollars.  In spite of all the money spent, we continue to spend on enhancements to the enhancements.  How difficult will it be to sell a Delaire home with a second rate golf course and the burden of rising dues and years of ongoing assessments yet to be paid?  Look at our grievance system which has spawned a number of lawsuits in recent years.  Our bylaws need to be changed to secure the voting process and eliminate or rein in the Grievance Committee.  The golf course issues need to be resolved by competent professionals.  If the foregoing issues can be remedied, home values and sales will take care of themselves.  In the end, I think my fellow members will welcome the changes, which will make Delaire a much better community.  Sincerely, Manny  6/08/17


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