Curfew & Nematodes



In the attached letter, we were notified that Delaire is planning to close the golf courses on August 28th and 29th to spray for nematodes.  They plan on using a dangerous pesticide called CURFEW, which is suspected of causing cancer and other health problems.  Read a recent article from the Tampa Bay Times which relates the story of residents at Babe Zaharias Golf Course in Tampa.  Look at the Safety Data Sheet from Dow which states it is suspected of causing cancer.  Other sources suggest it is a known carcinogen.  


While Delaire is correct that in is injected in the soil, rather than sprayed, that doesn't mean there is no danger.  Curfew, also known as 1,3-dichloropropene, is BANNED in the European Union.  


If you are concerned about your safety and the safety of your loved ones, then immediately contact Curt Karpel & Trent Squire and tell them to halt this process until it has had a thorough airing at a Town Hall meeting with representatives of Dow AgroSciences and also the company Delaire intends to use as the Chemical Applicator.  This has a potentially significant impact to the health of every resident, vendor, employee and visitor to Delaire Country Club.  Evidence of problems with the turf have been right in front of us for months.  Why this rush? Can we even believe that they had this scheduled for September?  


After the "detailed hole by hole" plan story and other tales,

how much confidence do you really

have in these guys to do the right thing?


Demand Good Governance

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