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Be sure to read our new Mandatory Membership page which explains the cons of Mandatory Membership and what we are doing to eliminate this scourge at Delaire.



January 14, 2019 - Now we have a Nonresident Member, Stu Naar, illegally running for the Board because he came in under a "Special Admissions Policy", which prohibits his holding office.  Stu Naar has a total of $3000 in initiation & bond invested in Delaire, as opposed to residents who must invest 80K.  Again a huge disincentive for anyone to buy a home here and be governed by someone whose primary interest is spending Resident Members' money  in furtherance of his own cushy deal.  Another failed program from Art NewmanWe warned Mark Zucker of this last May.  Read the letter.


October 17, 2018 - Delaire will pay for your new home if you join as a NON-RESIDENT, NON-EQUITY member.  Sound too good to be true?  Read the exampleNo wonder Delaire homes are not selling.


May 4, 2018 - Delaire makes the WPTV newscast.  View it here.


May 10, 2018 - Note the falling value of a Delaire Non-Resident Equity Membership.  This huge disparity is a sad, failed, desperate effort to shore up the club, which actually has the opposite effect.


May 19, 2018 - Voting, committee & Board privileges for Non-resident Equity members officially challenged.  Read the letter.  Fix it or "see you in court".


December 30, 2017 - 2018 dues schedule is now available. 

Compare the big increase in the initiation fee.  Smacks of desperation.



Read our January, 2018 story about the Bogus Builder Agreements, temporarily exempting about 20 parcels from payment of Dues & Assessments for up to two years.  DO YOU WANT TO BUY INTO THAT?  EACH of the 300 or so “true” MANDATORY resident members are subsidizing the builders and the sellers to the tune of about $1600 per year.  This works out to about $500,000 a year.  Click here to see our Property Owners Association hard at work.


Stunning Loss of 243K in Less Than One Year


In August of 2016, Craig Hartman purchased a home in Delaire which is located at 4370 Live Oak Trail.  According to public records, he paid $1,100,000.  On June 20, 2017, Coldwell Banker reported that he sold the home for $975,000.  At the time of purchase, he would have also paid a $60,000 NON-REFUNDABLE initiation fee to join the club.  Assuming a 6% commission to the selling realtors, Mr. Hartman would have netted $916,500 on the sale.  Deducting his $60K NON REFUNDABLE initiation, he would be left with $856,500.  In less than one year, he lost $243,500 during his 10 month sojourn at Delaire.  That is an astronomical loss of 22% in less than one year.  Could it be the BOTCHED RENOVATION and POOR GOVERNANCE policies that contribute to long waits and low prices when an owner decides to sell?  How much money will you lose when you want to move out?  Compare Delaire home sales to St. Andrews, YTD.

Delaire can be very seductive, but 








30 years ago when DELAIRE was founded as an  Equity Resident  Country Club by the

developer and initiator, instead of building more homes on the ground limited them to 325

and created 27 holes of golf. That made Delaire a very special club. The golfers were able

to play at any time they chose. No sign-up required. A golfer’s dream was created,

something to be envied and very exclusive. A choice of 3 nine hole courses, each different

and challenging.  Read about Delaire starting time restrictions.

Look at Delaire today, 6 months after spending 6-7 million dollars renovating the golf

courses.  These PHOTOS show an incredibly poor result.  Check out the video also.

To be able to maintain such exclusivity the members, who became the owners after the developer left, chose to make Delaire a Mandatory Membership Club so that they could keep their special acumen in perpetuity. That was then. There was a mandatory Initiation fee when joining the club, partly refundable, if a member sold to another taking his place. The dues structure was controlled by a membership vote where the majority enacted what was in their best interest.  The vote was in conformity with the by-laws as written by the founders of the club.


A new board decided to change the make-up of the membership and create a program of taking in Non-Resident Non-Equity members and allow them to enter without an initiation fee which is $80,000 for equity home owner members. They gave the newest members a reduced dues structure of almost 50% and free use of a golf cart to entice them to join the club. The vote that was taken to allow such an unequitable and shocking change for the equity home owners was made possible by not following the by-laws as interpreted by the founders of the club.

Delaire’s by-laws state that a signature check of the member and his identification, properly signed, is the way the ballot is authenticated. The board interpreted the by-laws as there was no need to have the signature check and ballots were good enough without a signature check. Recently it was uncovered that a board member forged a signature on a ballot thereby amplifying a doubt as to the sanctity of the vote. Question: Was this the first, how many others and who else?


There is a group of equity resident members that feel that since the club has allowed non-resident members with little or no initiation fees at a much lower dues structure than Mandatory Members, the mandatory rule must end. It does not make economic sense to have a three tiered membership at the same club. Mandatory members paying full dues and initiation fees, and nonresident membership with no initiation fee, a lower dues structure of almost 50% and a use of a free golf cart, as well have the ability to resign their membership at will. Both the mandatory members and the nonresident members avail themselves of essentially the same amenities.   Mandatory Members are captives and are responsible for all of the expenses if the nonresident members leave the club due to the high cost of membership.  Click here for our handy 2020 comparison dues sheet.


That said, it does not make financial sense for anyone to buy into such a club and buy a home when the same membership is available at an almost half discounted dues structure without paying $80,000 for an initiation fee. The $80,000 is available to buy a better house in a better neighborhood and have the discounted membership available at Delaire without any encumbrances.

The recital of the above has become the problem for the entire original and older members before the new class of membership had been adopted. Non-resident membership depreciated the home values of every home owner in Delaire, and will continue to do so.  The Delaire Country Club has lost its standing as a fine exclusive club. Delaire to-day is nothing more than a semi-private club. The desirability of exclusiveness   for those people that like prestige and can afford it is no longer at Delaire.


There is an effort being waged in Tallahassee to rid our mandatory membership from its hardship.  Buyers considering purchasing a home at Delaire, should consider the above and be careful what they let themselves in for when considering Delaire.  Eventually we will be successful in eliminating Mandatory Membership or return to our former exclusive characteristic.


Delaire Country Club in Delray Beach, Florida was designed with 326 building lots and 27 holes of golf, designed by Joe Lee.  His trademark is dramatically raised tees and beautifully shaped greens. The club sits on 340 acres and in 2011 a totally new $21MM clubhouse was constructed.  The new clubhouse is spacious and beautiful.  Pass through the gates and the Joe Lee designed championship golf course ushers you through residences at once impeccable and impressive.  Arrive at the clubhouse and you are greeted warmly by the friendly staff and always sociable membership. It’s leisurely luxury at its very best. The expanded clubhouse is now 47,000 square feet.  Recent renovations at Delaire include the new entrance, gatehouse, Fitness and Tennis Center.  The Tennis Center has 2 teaching pros, 8 manicured Har-Tru tennis courts with 2 lighted, complimentary computerized ball machine and arranged game service.  New pool area and new children's play area.  Step up to the tees any time, no waiting to play.  “Walk on golf – no tee times.”  Family members can play.  Mandatory dues and fees.  All three Delaire Country Club golf courses were just reopened in late 2016 after an extensive 4.5 million dollar renovation. Delaire Country Club 4645 White Cedar Ln, Delray Beach, FL 33445


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