Every one of the people mentioned in this piece who are currently serving as

a Country Club or POA Board member should IMMEDIATELY RESIGN.

There are abundant conflicts of interest that cannot be overcome.


Symbiotic Relationship Among Builders, Real Estate People,

Club Officers & POA Officials Does Not Look Good


Conflict of interest - A situation that has the potential to undermine the impartiality of a person because of the possibility of a clash between the person's self-interest and professional interest or public interest.

Read the Code of Conduct for Members of the Board of Governors.


January 2, 2019

We thought we would update this previous article from 3/7/18.  We have a brand new conflict to report.  Andy Lazar, POA Board Member and Chair of the Security Committee has been doing a little bottom fishing with John Micallef, who was previously partners with Don Schindel, then POA President in another homebuilding venture at Delaire.  Click here for the house info and here for the partnership document


Steve Salzman, a Board, officer previously denied that he was employed by Howard Castleman at Show Cars of Boca Raton.  Based on current data, gleaned from an internet probe, there still exists a business relationship with CastlemanClick here for the data and then you can decide for yourself.  On the Show Cars Facebook account, he is identified as a "Team Member" and on a Manta page, he is designated as the Owner of Show Cars, as well as the administrator of that page.

Mark Zucker is now President of the Club Board Cathy Cutler is now Vice President of the POA.  Bernie Dayan, a Ron Ellish partner, is now President of the POA.  Lidov & Zieky have left the POA Board.

March 7, 2018

We think it’s time to lay bare many of the conflicts of interest among some of our leaders here at Delaire.  It has come to our attention that Steve Salzman, a Club Board member, is employed by Howard Castleman at Show Cars of Boca Raton, LLC.  Mr. Castleman’s wife, Marcia is one of the more prolific renovators/builders/designers of Delaire homes.  The Castlemans are former residents, now non-resident members.  Mr. Salzman’s wife, Cathy Cutler-Salzman, is the President of the Delaire Property Owners Association, as well as Chair of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  The ARC is required to review and approve all construction, renovation and landscaping plans right down to the color of your house.  They can grant or withhold variances from the regulations.  For all intents and purposes, the ARC meetings are essentially closed to POA members.  Have you ever seen one announced, unless your personal project was involved?  All POA meetings, including committees, are supposed to be open to all POA members.  There are only two exceptions for certain legal and employee related matters. 


There is something a little curious about the Castlemans' membership at Delaire.  The Member Directory shows them as residents at 16622 Sweet Bay, with an Away address in East Delray.  It appears that Sweet Bay house is actually owned by Harvey & Nadine Erdle.  In the December 4, 2015 Board of Governors meeting, it stated the following: "HOWARD & MARCIA CASTLEMAN – REINSTATED AS RESIDENT EQUITY MEMBER".  They bought their East Delray home in 2014 and have been receiving the Homestead Exemption since 2015.  What's it all about, Artie?  Are they resident members or non-resident members?  Why did they need to be reinstated?

Take a look at the connections amongst the people mentioned in this article.

There is plenty of extra detail available, but we think you'll get the idea.


Ron Ellish is another busy contractor, Delaire resident and also Mr. Salzman’s Golf Course Renovation Project co-chair.  We have been told that several Delaire members, including Bernie Dayan and Don Schindel, who have both served on the POA, have been investors in real estate projects at Delaire.  We heard that Mark Zucker, current Club Treasurer, has also invested with Mr. Ellish.  The POA Board now has two members, Ed Zieky and Larry Lidov who derive income from sales of real estate at Delaire.  We are not saying that any of the people mentioned have done anything wrong, but it does make one wonder if their judgment might at times favor a friend or their own self-interest.  Who else and how many others are now serving or have served in positions with fiduciary responsibility to the membership yet derived income from investments that might conflict with their obligation to the members?  Which residents and homeowners have been granted concessions or builder agreements while their homes have undergone construction or renovation?  This information is not posted anywhere for member observation. 


The builders and sellers are the primary beneficiaries of the violation of the Covenants and Use Restrictions, which the POA has ignored and failed to enforce.  This costs hundreds of thousands of $$$$$ every year and is borne by the resident members.  As of this writing, there are approximately 20 homes not paying Club dues.  You can read all the details in Bogus Builder Agreements.  As they say up in Washington, D.C., the OPTICS OF THE SITUATION LOOK BAD. 

Every one of the people mentioned in this piece who are currently serving as

a Country Club or POA Board member should IMMEDIATELY RESIGN.




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