The below letter was submitted to us by Resident Member Richard "Cappy" Capezzali,

  who asked us to publish it on Delaire Governance so all Delaire members could view it. 

                            It has been published exactly as submitted.                       



Understanding Manny Brecker


Dear Fellow Delaire Members,

I moved into Delaire two years ago and over these two years I have heard  many a story about Manny Brecker, to the point that I imagined him to be a recluse, holed up in his home spending all of his time trying to destroy Delaire. I have heard all of the stories and listened to all of the ugliness. Recently heard, “I just want him to die”.  I’ve been told that if I speak to a fellow that is marked as a Manny “ally” then I too could be ostracized.


To be honest, I never read the content of his Delaire Governance Website because I had already formed an opinion that it would be just “ words written by an angry, mean, vindictive lunatic” . What would be the point of reading his rants?


For those who don’t know me, I am currently a real estate investor and developer, so, of late have been contemplating ventures here in Delaire and I have also been evaluating my personal situation here as well. So, I thought that it would be a smart thing to learn more about the Brecker issues, to read his views and to get a better understanding of what is going on. I did ........and  frankly, I thought that much of what he espoused made sense. I didn’t care for his constant attacks, the name calling, the innuendo, etc, but, by and large, Manny was bringing to light some issues and facts that were worthy of seeking further clarification.


There is an old saying, “ keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.  Know your enemy! Was Manny my enemy? Was it Manny causing all of the problems? Was it Manny depressing MY home value? Was it Manny preventing me from developing homes in Delaire? Maybe, yes, maybe no, but I knew the only way to find out was to meet Manny.


I started my introduction via a few back and forth emails. Hmmm, he seemed normal, smart, witty and well informed. I was taken aback. Was this a ruse?  I decided to meet face to face. I invited him to lunch at the club. He cautioned me that it would not be good for me to be seen with him. That was nice and thoughtful. Anyway I met with Manny twice. I have visited his home, met his ailing wife and I am reading his book. I know that many of you reading this are saying, “this poor bastard has drunk the Kool Aid ”. But please, hear me out.


I like Manny Brecker, the man. I even respect him for the courage of his convictions. He is no doubt a man that has lived a very accomplished life. He is proud to a fault. He is unwavering in his beliefs, he doesn’t mince words and tells it like he sees it. You could say that Manny comes from a cut of cloth that has contributed to the success of this great nation. Is he a rebel? Is he a troublemaker? Does he relish the fight? Yes, there is that too, but what I have come to realize is that the world needs Manny Breckers.......people who are not afraid to speak up. People who will call out BS when they see it. People who will provoke debate. People that won’t back down from a fight.


People like Manny pay a very dear price for their resolve. Manny is ill, his wife is ill, they are alone and they are isolated. You know all of this I assume and many of you probably say to yourself “Good, I hope he is miserable” .


What is the point of my diatribe? Simply to remind you that there are two sides to every coin. That good healthy debate is critical to a thriving community. That leaders.......leaders that we elect, are not infallible, that they occasionally make mistakes or that they sometimes get in over their head. That people who put their feet to the fire actually make them better leaders. That people that dissent make us think, make us question and that is also good for the community and good for those tasked with making decisions on our behalf. Or we could just elect a “King”.


I believe that Manny’s Web site is bad for the community because it airs our dirty laundry for the outside world to see. I have implored him to take it down and make it only available to members via a log-in. I have told him that an internal Web forum would get more people to engage and that engagement by more members is good, it would be healthy and will be directional for our leaders. Manny feels that outside access to his site is leverage to make the changes that he believes are right. He is wrong, because that makes him the big hated bully. He is imposing his will by way of extortion. “Do what I say and the site comes down”. In his heart and in his logical mind, he knows that the path he is taking only leads to more conflict, more animosity, more hatred. Bargaining with someone who has a gun to your head is disingenuous.


I implore the readers here to take the time, to make the effort to speak with Manny, call him, write him, break bread with him. Listen to his views with an open mind. I am not saying that I expect that you will walk away a Manny fan or that you will be converted to his point of view. What I am saying, is that like me, Manny Brecker is a fact of life that affects your life, your enjoyment of Delaire, etc. Meet the man, learn for yourself, have a healthy dispassionate discussion. Maybe, just maybe, hearing from his neighbors gives him a new perspective. Remember, Manny is isolated and his Delaire reality is what he imagines....not what he lives.


I for one want to see this war end. I don’t want to silence the Breckers of this world, they are important,  but I do believe that the approach that has been taken with Manny has been self-destructive, that we have literally shot ourselves in the foot. No one wins with the approach that we have taken. No one wins with this entrenched stubbornness, this vile anger and name  calling ......for the world at large to see as they Google Delaire. Property values will continue to decline and Delaire will be running more Black Friday sales to attract NR members. Silliness!


The members, individually need to step in and meet with Manny. He needs to know that his fight with Delaire is actually a fight with you and he needs to know you, hear you. It’s too easy to tilt at windmills, not so easy to tilt at the neighbor you know.


If you are reading it, then of course Manny read it and has agreed to post it. That’s a sign that Manny Brecker wants the war to end. This is his challenge now.





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