Builder or Bilker Agreements?


On May 10, 2016 a “Builder’s Agreement” was granted to the home at 4556 White Cedar Lane, whose legal owner is Patrick J Quinn.  In the past 28 months, the property has not been listed for sale.  According to the City of Delray Beach website, no building permits have been granted or applied for.  Like a number of other homes in the illegal Builder’s Program, there are troubling questions which need answers? In this particular case, it doesn’t appear that the Property Owner Builders have much intention of making any improvements.  On their application, they didn’t specify any improvements, so I guess they didn’t disappoint.  Is the owner up to date on the reduced monthly fees for the first 24 months?  Has he paid full dues for the past 4 months?  Is the property occupied?  If so, by whom and for how long?  There are several other properties under this illegal program that have also gone past the 24 month time limit before full dues are required.  Are they also in compliance with that policy?  We believe that a full audit of this illegal builders program is mandated so that members know just how much this has cost them.  Read all the documents here.


The Property Owners Association has no authority to ignore the Amended Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions which obligates each parcel to maintain a membership in good standing.  Ask questions & demand answers.  Members are being bilked of thousands of dollars by leadership that is mixing into the sale of real estate, which is not within their purview.  


Who gets these builder agreements?  What are the criteria?  Have current residents gotten agreements when they remodeled?  Has membership and the concomitant dues been delayed for some owners after they took title?  We’ll be bringing you this info and MORE.


There is also a whole group of builder homes that have been taken back by their lendersThose homes are not subject to dues at all.  Delaire also considers them out of the Builder Program.  They usually pay the POA assessment, but that’s it.  Who pays for this loss of dues?  Mandatory members.  You're stuck.

To add insult to injury, the current printed version of the Delaire Member Directory includes all of these people & LLCs with Bilker Agreements as if they are actually members of the club.  That is the Delaire way.  If the Board says it is, it is.  Who is going to speak up and risk the ostracization that is sure to follow?  Most appear willing to pay an extra couple of grand a year, rather than call anyone out.  How sad.


Demand Good Governance

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