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Be sure to read our new Mandatory Membership page which explains the cons of Mandatory Membership and what we are doing to eliminate this scourge at Delaire.



Manny Brecker, this website's founder, was a resident member of Delaire Country Club since 2004.  Unfortunately, Manny died on May 7, 2020 at the ripe old age of 93.  The words that follow are his: 

Since establishing this website in March, 2017, we started a revolution. You can read about our many accomplishments, detailed here.  The impact of non-resident members is the root of many problems.  They get a huge discount on their membership, yet are heavy users of club facilities.  "Walk-on golf" is not possible any more.  There are many times that are restrictedRead about it here. 

During my time here, Delaire has become ever more expensive and ever less exclusive.  All the while, I am a captive member whose complaints and suggestions are often ignored and sometimes ridiculed.  

Click here for the favorable deal given to Non-resident members.  One would have to seriously question any benefit to owning a home at Delaire.  Additionally, latest reports indicate that there are approximately 109 nonresident members and only 285 dues paying resident members as of 8/15/2019.


The primary purposes of this site are to change the voting procedures and eliminate the grossly unfair grievance system at Delaire Country Club in order to protect the interests of the mandatory members.  This needs to be done with great urgency.  At Delaire Country Club, the dues and assessments continue to rise and place a huge burden on any homeowner trying to sell their property.  Now we have uncovered a violation of the use restrictions that exempts some parcels from paying their dues.  CLICK HERE for details.  Also read Bogus Builder Agreements.


During my recently settled and successful litigation, we discovered significant flaws in the election means and methods.  Click here to read my letter to the Delaire members about the settlement.  Unfortunately, now there is another lawsuit.  That was filed when Delaire unfairly suspended me for one year in an effort to shut down the Delaire Governance website.


We must call upon the Board of Governors to change the By-laws to call for an election procedure that eliminates all the flaws discovered during my lawsuit.  We insist on secure voting procedures that don’t allow anyone to handle or record the ballots until they are counted and inspected by the appointed inspectors of the election.  See our full recommendation.  Click here to read the full Allen Kilik deposition where he freely admits forging a woman's signature on a ballot.

 The depositions of some other Board members make for interesting reading also.

Simply click on their names and see what they have to say under oath.  

James Newman, Steve Salzman, Curt Karpel, Art Newman  

Please contact the Board of Governors and let them know that you insist on a fair and secure voting procedure.


For the real reason houses aren’t selling at Delaire, click here.   10.1.2019


Click to See the impact that Non-resident members have on Delaire. 

Mandatory - compulsory, forced, imperative, incumbent, involuntary, necessary, non-elective, obligatory, peremptory, required

For the real reason houses aren’t selling at Delaire, click here.

To be fair, when most of us moved to Delaire, we knew we would have to become members of the club. We were also told what a great club it is and how well maintained, welcoming and friendly it is.  


In fact, as recently as the January, 2017 issue of The Good Life, the President of the Board states:
“I expect that everyone has now had the opportunity to play our new golf courses and see the numerous improvements made.  Without a doubt Delaire is clearly the best county(sic) club in South Florida.  Our goal now is to ensure that we remain the best in the coming years.”

Click here for his full commentary.  Now as the President of the Board, one should be able to rely upon his statement about the club as an absolute fact.  Presumably, he is in a position to know these things.  No doubt, some prospective home buyers will assume our esteemed Board members have marketing studies, value comparisons and surveys that support this statement.  Note also that just underneath Karpel's comments in The Good Life, Judy Tarter mentions "our sparkling lakes".  Regrettably our PHOTOS page and the image below show the current condition of our lakes choked with algae.  Both Karpel's and Tarter's glowing reports on the course condition contrast markedly from the statement of Green Committee Chair, Steve Salzman.  At the April 21st Board meeting, he states "Work will be focused on the summer schedule and course enhancements (plantings, breaking up large pine straw areas, more grass). Course improvements such as adding bunkers and other changes will be addressed in future years".  In the past few months, the greens superintendent departed and much of the aforementioned work has been done.  At the moment, improvement is noticeable.  It remains to be seen if the improvements will take or be maintained in appropriate fashion.  Given past maintenance practices, we are concerned about the will of our leaders and the means necessary to provide a course of the caliber we were promised.  To illustrate what we are talking about, take a look at these Photos.


The results of a survey commissioned by the Delaire Board show that only 31% of Delaire members are satisfied with the value of their membership.  See the Summary of that survey by clicking this link.  Can anyone sincerely believe Delaire is the best country club in South Florida or even Delray Beach? Mandatory members are stuck with whatever the Board dishes up. Unless you are willing to sacrifice your initiation fee and the costs associated with selling and moving somewhere else, you are stuck.  We need to change the By Laws and rid ourselves of poor performance by the current regime.

Contact us at Delagov@aol.com 


Delaire Country Club in Delray Beach, Florida was designed with 326 building lots and 27 holes of golf, designed by Joe Lee.  His trademark is dramatically raised tees and beautifully shaped greens. The club sits on 340 acres and in 2011 a totally new $21MM clubhouse was constructed.  The new clubhouse is spacious and beautiful.  Pass through the gates and the Joe Lee designed championship golf course ushers you through residences at once impeccable and impressive.  Arrive at the clubhouse and you are greeted warmly by the friendly staff and always sociable membership. It’s leisurely luxury at its very best. The expanded clubhouse is now 47,000 square feet.  Recent renovations at Delaire include the new entrance, gatehouse, Fitness and Tennis Center.  The Tennis Center has 2 teaching pros, 8 manicured Har-Tru tennis courts with 2 lighted, complimentary computerized ball machine and arranged game service.  New pool area and new children's play area.  Step up to the tees any time, no waiting to play.  “Walk on golf – no tee times.”  Family members can play.  Mandatory dues and fees.  All three Delaire Country Club golf courses were just reopened in late 2016 after an extensive 4.5 million dollar renovation.

Delaire Country Club 4645 White Cedar Ln, Delray Beach, FL 33445


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